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Looking for local help around the berwick, narre warren area

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by smcguane, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    My chain is stretched on my R6 and i think it is to dangerous to ride with it like this, i have adjustment left but do not have any tools at the moment.

    Anyone around my area that would be willing to adjust my rear wheel for me to tension the chain? i am happy to compensate for there time.

    I am worried it will skip a tooth and breakage occurring and nothing is open until after new years so it seems.

  2. Spanner nights still active? PM Loz and ask him to do it... take a careful ride to see him... bring pizza.
  3. Hi,

    Thanks i will pm him - anyone else locally would be suitable - still looking if anyone is not too busy on xmas eve or too drunk hehe
  4. I'm closer, you'll need to get here soon though. We'll have it done in a jiffy, i understand your need to get it going again.

    You are Santa aren't you???

    PM sent.
  5. I'm in Cranbourne, and not busy tonight. I also have all the tools req'd. pm me if you need a hand and can get the bike here.
  6. Thanks for the reply Cossie

    However Chef sorted me out two thumbs up top bloke!

    Now i am :biker: again

  7. He definately is a top bloke and can pull a mean wheelie! Shame about his looks! :p
  8. Hey hey hey, i resemble that remark! (well except the bit about the wheelies, I don't condone that behaviour)

    Nice to meet you SP. Hope we can ride soon.

    Lozzo, if you see this we need to have spanner night soon. i feel the need to wreck, i mean fix something, it's been awhile :grin:
  9. South East Burbs Spanner night???
  10. Yep, need to do a chain for Shaun, and i just recently discovered i need to do a fork seal.

    I repeat, i do NOT condone wheelies of any nature.
  11. Zed needs chain adjustment too
  12. Bring it forth grasshopper, and it shall be done.