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Looking for learner twisites near Melb

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pugsly, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've been riding a few months now, just jettisoned the L plate and want to expand my riding experience.

    With a few exceptions, almost all of my riding has been urban, and I'm on the lookout for some roads with some twisties where a mistake doesn't mean certain death with steep drop offs or lots of large trees.

    Does anyone know of such roads? Preferably in the Sth East. I'd actually prefer to get on a track by myself to experiment a bit, but have no idea how to go about it.

  2. Lots of options out that way Pugsly, Emerald Cockatoo Gembrook Mt Dandenong. Most of the roads are reasonably easy with nothing precipitous. Traffic is a bit higher over the Dandenongs.

    Just take it at a level you feel comfortable with and be self critical on how you handle particular corners and how you think you could improve on them next time. The best way to find roads is look at squiggly lines on a map and just go, sure you will occasionally end up on some terrors but you will also find some pearls.

    Have fun.
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  3. My understanding is that twisty roads are usually found in areas where the roads have been cut into the sides of hills, so to ride these roads would mean your going to experience riding past some steep embankments on one side and steep drop offs on the other side, and also these are often in timbered areas too. If I was looking around south east Melb I'd head out along the Princess Hwy (M1) towards Pakenham and head north off the highway anywhere along here. Just take your time until your confidence grows.
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  4. I like to do the route like this http://goo.gl/maps/qHYIX. A few tighter corners on mountain hwy as well as longer sweeper around coocatoo.
    Stopping in Gembrook for rest and then probably going north to launching place.

    Just be careful on the mountain hwy at this time, may be a little wet and there are often cyclists on the road.
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  5. Wellington Rd out to Belgrave or Emerald is a good beginner's run.

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  6. #6 twistngo, Aug 3, 2013
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    Warrandyte up to Kangaroo Ground, then the road out to Yarra Glen through Christmas Hills. From Yarra Glen the Old Healesville Rd. For a learner run turn right at the end back to Yarra Glen, and turn right on the by pass and retrace your route back to Kangaroo Ground. When you get more adventurous, Chum Creek is nearby.
    From Kangaroo Ground you can also head out to St Andrews then turn left after the pub and come back through Hurstbridge (Don't go to Kinglake!)

    If you want to experiment a bit do the HART Advanced 1 course.
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  7. The roads twistngo mentions are good beginner twisties. Enough bend to keep them interesting but not enough to be too technical for beginners.

    If out that way you can string several bits together in loops to form a longer ride

    E.g. Hurtbridge - research - warrandyte- kangaroo ground -hurstbridge
    Hurstbridge - Arthur's creek- cottles bridge-hurstbridge
    And as mentioned above hurstbridge -st Andrews - kangaroo ground - hurstbridge

    On a weekend the kangaroo ground - Christmas Hills - Yarra Glen road can be a crawl due to slow moving traffic. It is a very unrealistic 80 kph with little opportunity to pass legally due to almost continuous double lines. But break the rules at your peril as it is regularly policed, especially in the 60 zone at Watsons Creek
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  8. Thanks for the excellent suggestions! As the weather gets better and the days longer I'll be heading out at sparrows fart to beat the traffic and avoid the spousal wrath, so I'll give these all a go.
  9. As well as what everyone else has said, if you're up for a longer ride there's also the Whittlesea-Yea Road which has lots of nice sweeping bends.

    Combining some of the back roads through the Dandenongs and the Gembrook-Launching Place Rd gives you a nice route to Healesville, too: e.g. http://goo.gl/maps/zKJId (just make sure you don't accidentally end up on Don Rd from Launching Place to Healesville - it's got a surprise 3km unsealed section in the middle)
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  10. I'm out most weekends around some of areas above . Happy to show you around at whatever pace you choose :)
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  11. Thanks mainstage - I may well take you up on that offer! I'll wait for a dry day. The last few times I've been in twisties it's either been pitch black, pissing rain, or the drop off the side of the road has made me considering walking rather than riding! :)
  12. I often ride around Kangaroo Ground etc relatively early in the mornings if you fancy a guided tour one weekend.
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  13. When the weather improves, there should be more consistent Sunday Learner rides, so keep an eye out on that thread.
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  14. @pugsly we meet at practice a few weeks ago, I would be interested in joining you on these rides if you don't mind another learner coming along.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  15. For a relatively easy and short run, I highly recommend the Dandenongs from just about any direction, over the hills, down the other side and back again. No section is more than 10 minutes or so, there are quite a few different options, it's really not that challenging and you can't come to too much harm unless you're being very silly indeed. If you've had enough at any stage, just get off when you reach the bottom and head home via one of the main roads.

    Mornington Peninsula's got some decent roads as well, as I discovered with a mate a couple of weeks ago. Nice run with some sweepers down through Hastings to Flinders, then along Boneo Road to Rosebud (surprise twisties!) and back up along the bay.
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  16. ^^^ Boneo road is fun! :)
    Plenty of nice roads down the peninsula. If you don't do the hills (I do them all!! ) a very good option. Try the Boulevard (I think it's called that!) from Mornington to Dromana following the beach.
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  17. It's called The Esplanade. Then you can cut across and do Arthurs Seat (via Arthurs Seat Rd near Dromana) on the other side of the highway. The first bit is REALLY twisty, but take it easy and you'll be OK. Then down the other side to Red Hill, or cut across back to Mornington.

    I like riding beside the sea, so get down there now and again.

    ETA: It becomes Marine Drv, then Point Nepean Rd.
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  18. Close enough!!! lol
  19. Yep, pick one, any one....

    A nice, cruisy ride.
  20. I thought that esplanade was a verb, meaning to attempt an explanation while drunk?
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