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Looking for LAMs bike NOT 250cc

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Tim_4, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Im looking for a LAMs approved bike that is greater than 250cc (preferably >= 500). Im looking for a cheap reliable bike.

    The main reason for this is I live on the central coast where the freeway is a common source of travel. Thus I intend to venture there, one day when i can go a bit faster. It also seems good once I reach my full license so I probably wont feel the need to get a bigger bike any time soon. I also spend most of the time in Sydney and commuting is a big thing.

    Ive been looking at the gs500 as it is cheap, a good commuter and apparently super reliable. The lack of fairings is a bonus in case i ever drop it. However, no wind shield offers no protection (any opinions here?). Also, im about 6'2" and it seems a bit small. My dads drz250 feels comfy but it has a seat height of 890mm (gs500 is 790mm) according to the internet

    Also, since changes in registration, it costs the same to register a 600 as it does to register a 250. If anyone is wondering, cost has doubled from ~$150 to ~$300. Cheap rego was the main advantage of the 250s

    Ive looked at plenty of 250s, many of which have potential, except for use on the freeway.

    Can anyone offer me advice or alternative ideas?

  2. gs500 seems the goods. there are a few 650 restricted's around. I would go with the faired model personally, given how much freeway stuff you're likely to do. If you do fall and the fairing dies, just get rid of it.
  3. I agree with Lilley. I have got the GS500F and I do 90% of my riding on the freeways so I love having the extra protection from the fairing.
    If you like the DRZ250 why not look at the DR650. It has a seat height of 885mm according to the suzuki site, of course you dont have any fairings on it though.
  4. I'm just over 6'2" and my GS500 was nice and comfy.

    You can always add a screen if you don't like the wind buffeting. I had the GS500F version so don't know how the un-faired is to ride.

    They are a great bike to learn on and excellent for higher speeds on the highway unlike a lot of the smaller bikes.
  5. After doing some research, I got a naked GS500 to learn on. Has been great. Passed the MOST without much issue. Cheap, reliable, economical & has enough squirt to be fun. I do a fair bit on freeway commuting & yes, you get buffeted a little at speed, but you get used to it. I'd recommend one.
  6. It's not an issue until you go quicker than about 130km/h. I owned a naked GS500 for 2 years and didn't notice the wind buffeting at all under those speeds. Pick up a cheap one from the mid 90s rather than a new one because they are identical to the new ones for a significantly less price. Mine was $2500 with 30,000km and was a '93 model. Sold it for 3k.
  7. Cheers guys. Seems like the gs500f would be a slightly better option
  8. I would also look at the SV650 LAMs. Sporty touring type bike.
  9. If cheap is on the list then the GS500.

    If the finances stretch I'd go the CB400, I'm on one ATM and love it!
  10. Kwaka 650RL?

    thats what ive got, and im a big fan. ABS, good fairings, good on the highway.
  11. Nahh, uni student --> cash doesnt stretch that far ;)
    Looking at a SH gs500f around 4-5K (saw a good buy for 5k, almost new 'cept for a couple of cracks in fairings near blinkers - a bonus in my opinion ;)
  12. I'd second the DR650 suggestion. I'm 6'2" and 110kg+ and mine is fine as far as fit is concerned. The pegs could be lower but it's not a problem until you've covered 200km at a stretch. It's fixable anyway but I've not yet bothered.

    Given decent tyres it's an absolute hoot to ride too :D.
  13. Well, I took my time and got a 2005 GS500F for $4.2k with 20,000 km on the clock. Had it for about 3 weeks and quite pleased. It is in real good nick too, apart from very slight scratch on one side

    Also impressed as it idles at 1-2k freakn great when started after a week. No choke at all (Ok, so it was middle of day and not cold at all, but still)

    Comfy too :)

    [edit] Can I add, my Grandmother was NOT pleased at all lol

    Funny really, as my other grandparents were passing through, they saw it and thought it was pretty cool, while my Grandmother was not at all impressed with their response XD

    And its nice my parents are all cool about it. Guess its got something to do with my dad riding a bike
  14. >> It also seems good once I reach my full license so I probably wont feel
    >> the need to get a bigger bike any time soon.

    Yeah, right... I have a '09 GS500F and I've put nearly 18,000km on it in 14 months. I had to go through LAMS as the RTA managed to "forget" I held a license in the early 80's and only recently re-attained my full license.

    Do I want a bigger bike? Yes.
    Do I currently have the funding to do so - ...no :(

    That aside, congratulations on the GS500F purchase. You should find it enjoyable and not too shabby in the squirt department.
  15. aye, your probably right about upgrading, but since im restricted for over 3 years, I wont be looking to upgrade before than and this will provide what i need

    A shame about lack of cash for upgrade

    and thanks :)
  16. i just went and applied for the gs500f its a faired model

    fingers crossed the loan goes thro
  17. I just put a deposit on a 2009 gs500f, picking it up the Saturday, took me a few weeks after getting my learners to decide on it but from all accounts it is a good reliable bike, older technology & design but pretty well tried & trusted.

    It sounds like a great choice based on your selection criteria, good luck with the loan & bike...
  18. the bike shop just rang.. the loan has been approved

    I'm ganna leave the final paper work till Monday as the shops about to shut and i dont want to rush it, plus its bucketing down rain and i want one more weekend with the GPX lol
  19. Have a look at the gsx650fu. I'm 6'2 and found the gs500 a little too small for my height.
    I found the gsx more comfortable to ride as well.