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Looking for Kawasaki Dealer

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by VazRider, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Hi Riders,

    So I recently got my Ls and am looking to buy a kawasaki ninja 300 abs SE. I've been to Peter Stevens so far, and haven't really opened any sales/negotiations with them yet. Checked with the forums and their review was generally quite average hinging on the negative mostly Lol.

    My questions is, Should i try and go ahead with peter stevens or try A1 motorcycles at brighton, I hear they bought out the kawasaki dealership). So anyone with experiences with either of the dealership, please help me out with your recommendations.

    Cheers and Much appreciated
  2. PS from my and many other people's experience do not really give an ounce of shit for the customer. They have the theory that they sell enough bikes not to care.
    Case in point they offered me an AMAZING discount on my first service for buying the bike from them at $330 for a cb125e (over double what i paid at another mechanic)
    The owner at Kawasaki is actually a pretty nice guy, always up for a talk too. The servicing i have heard is reasonable and they are more open to negotiation on bikes from my experience.
  3. I bought the Z from PS in Ringwood, and the experience was good. Bought it over the phone in fact...but I'd done my research beforehand. Took the bike to another Kwaka dealer for its first service, which was shite, and it hasn't seen a dealer workshop since. Streetmaster does all the service, repairs, tyres and accessory fitting for me.
  4. so thats 1 for PS and 1 Against so far
    haha I think I should probably head in to A1 this weekend and sus it out. But the guy I talked to at PS was a complete clotpole.. I was asking him technical questions about the bike and he was saying "mate get this one.. im tellin' ya.. you'll be smilin'.. this bike is a bewt.."

    hahaha oh god. more input needed people!
  5. Just go into PS and try see what they say when you attempt to haggle or ask about servicing costs... alternatively use google and find out what other forums/people think of them. They can be good but many have bad experiences.
  6. No idea what it says, but nearly every Ninja 300 I looked at second hand was bought from Peter Stevens. To be honest, with no other information, it would have been the first place I went in Melbourne for a new bike.
  7. HI Vazrider,
    If you are after great service and advice you can not go past Hands on Kawasaki in Lilydale ph 97353171. Have been customer for several years with my son dirt bikes 85 thru to 250.
    Recently purchased same bike as what you want cant go wrong.So talk to the boys they will set u right.
    all the best john300
  8. Not all Peter Stevens stores are the same.

    It's been my personal experience that the city store generally lags behind their other stores when it comes to customer service.
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    Bought my Z from PS, purely for the price. Finance team got pretty rude/aggressive toward me when i told them I wasn't going to lease it with them and go through the bank instead, and the sales rep couldn't even tell me the different operations that a rear brake disc and rear sprocket carries out. Never going back there.

    Edit: I take mine to Race Replica (Kawsaki Dealer) in Brooklyn (western Subs), the team there is very friendly and knowledgeable
  10. If your talking south eastern Melbourne, there is also Powersport Kawasaki in Seaford.....
    Being independant, he may be a bit more focused on looking after his customers than either thievin stevens or A-(minus)1...
  11. Oh ive never heard of these other kawasaki dealers... awesome widens my net to do some research in. thats great! i'll have a look into it.

    by the way, do the bikes have an alarm kit built into them or do i have to get one installed on my own?
  12. Powersports did the first service on my Z, I'm not going back.
  13. You'd have to get one fitted, not really worth it from what i have seen and read about bikes being stolen. First thing should be a nice disc lock to stop randoms on the street doing anything to it
  14. Talk to them both. You don't have to buy a bike just because you talk to them. Be upfront and tell them you've just started looking etc. But you'll probably find PS are a fair bit cheaper. Its easier if its not the weekend.
    I prefer their Ringwood store to the city one.

    PS Last time I bought a bike (from PS) first visit I asked if I could sit on the bike. Did that and had a bit of a chat. Got the salesman's card. Went and looked at another bike. Went back a few days later and organised a test ride. After the test ride went back a few days later and bought one.
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  15. yea i went to the ringwood store last time, went to the city store a couple of days ago during my lunchbreak at uni, seemed like they could spend more time on weekdays.. sigh cant wait till i get my own ride!!! but i dont want to rush the decision :S
    Thanks for your advice twistngo !!
  16. Bought a Kawak from PS a couple of years ago. It was delivered 6 weeks late.

    Bought an Aprilia from A1 about 2 years ago. Arrived exactly when and how had been discussed.
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  17. I recently picked up a new ZX10 from PS.
    I did my research, decided exactly what I wanted and shopped around for the best price.
    I couldn't care less about the customer service and agree with a reply above that the knowledge of the bike from the PS salesman was seriously limited. However, I wasn't looking for advice, a loan or a friend so it just came down to price.

    PS will probably do you the best deal, but if it is dead heat I'd go to an independent shop like A1.

    Good luck!
  18. How's it going with the Ninja 300 ABS . Did you end up getting one or still on the lookout. This probably is the wrong place to push my own wheelbarrow but if your still looking my daughter has a New Ninja300 ABS for sale in the Berwick/ Crib Point area. It would be nearly $1500 under new price from a dealer. Only 2 months old.