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VIC Looking for Junior I.T role

Discussion in 'Employment' at netrider.net.au started by Mcloren, May 16, 2016.

  1. Hi NR crew!

    As titled, i'm currently working for a company that doesn't have great work ethic, processes or structure. Basically getting underpaid and would like to find another company to represent. So to speak, i feel burnt out here and am eager to continue my career elsewhere.

    Basically a Junior Level I.T Support role. I live in south-east. Eager, dedicated and committed.

    If anyone has any opportunities, please let me know!

  2. Have you checked SEEK?
  3. ^^^^^^ Now there's an idea
  4. Alright calm your tits Lionz. It's the first thing i did and am still actively searching on there.
  5. None of the IT companies I've ever worked for have a great ethic, processes or structure. That all costs money and cuts into margin.

    What you probably want is a position internal to a company but junior roles there are difficult to get, as they typically outsource those positions.

    (Note: I'm talking about the SMB market as that's where i play, enterprise may be different).
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  6. Agreed. I work for an electronics company and provide internal support for our staff. It's more or less the overall structure that upsets me here. I find myself doing laborious warehouse work when we have a warehouse team lol.
  7. To me, these are the two salient points. You're probably looking even further than SEEK, but I would also mention to check out VIC government job websites and keep an eye on them - you never know when entry-level positions for departmental programs get created.

    The working conditions and job requirements are almost certainly better for entry-level public jobs.
  8. Sounds like my old job, had about 10 different work hats depending on what the managers wanted me to do because they were too lazy to delegate properly to their siblings... damned family run business...
  9. They absolutely are better conditions, I work in IT as a Technical Project Manager for a non-government company, and the current Project I am working on has a Government Agency as our client. So Mon-Wed I fly to Canberra and work at the Government Agencies office, they have fantastic offices, their pay is very good, their working expectations/hours are excellent, they are contracted to do 7.2hr days, not even the normal 7.5-8. They will not overwork you and the overall mood/vibe is very good. I'd take a Government role if you could, less likely to make you redundant :p
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  11. In my recent experience IT has become a difficult area to both get in to and also progress within.

    Entry level jobs do not pay what they used to (I believe that some entry level help desk positions pay as little as $36k - $38k nowadays).
  12. Are you an Australian citizen by any chance?

    You should look for managed service companies that provide service desk support to multiple clients including Government.

    I work for one and we're always looking for new people, especially for the after hours service desk.

    Send me a PM if you're interested.
  13. I am working for a managed service provider now and I am earning a reasonable salary (albeit I do much higher level work than my pay grade LOL). I put it all down to getting good solid experience under my belt and an opportunity to learn and better myself. In a few years time I plan on looking to jump to a more senior role :).
  14. I've been in IT for around 5 years now... the title "Junior IT" haunts me to this day. You'll get treated like shit and earn next to nothing. Do you know what the diff between 'Junior IT' and 'IT' is? The pay.

    Aim higher, its the same shit if you're intending on being IT support..