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Looking for Insurer who will Cover someone who has been Suspended

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Lucanos, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Hoping to tap the communal thinktank.

    I was previously insured with Insure My Ride (highest NCB, only about $220 a year for a VTR250), but, in January this year I copped a 3 mth (compulsory) suspension for speeding on my P1 licence. As a result, IMR will not offer me insurance for the next 5 years...

    Anyone know any insurers who offer insurance to riders who do have a black mark on their history? I am hoping (as we all do) not to have to pay too much, especially as I am going to be travelling for most of the year, and the cover is more to handle anything which happens in my absence. (IMR would not even cover Theft-only because of the suspension.)

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Only advise I can offer is do a few online quotes from different insurers and see what happens.
    Good luck.
  3. Try Western QBE, they insured me at a very good price. And the vic roads printout I sent them was colourful to say the least!:angel:
  4. Stay the **** away from QBE, they will shaft you come claim time. To my delight, I found GIO does quotes on par with them and are infinitely more friendly (sign up over the phone rather than having to fill in paperwork and mail in). The excesses were also lower.
  5. an insurance adviser told me insurance companies won't check your driving record come claim time if they suspect no reason too. I.e. fairly straight forward claims etc.

    My insurance company doesn't know about my suspension and I've claimed since...

    but this advice would be dodgy, I'm jus say'n that's all................. :?

  6. Maybe on VERY straight forward claims however quite often a Driving/Riding History will be requested (especially in cases of contested liability) and if there is a suspension that was not disclosed.. BA-BOW! Goodbye cover.
  7. Some years ago I worked in a position where I had visibility of external query transactions against a state government driver details database.

    Insurance companies were the largest consumers, making hundreds of transactions per day.

    I imagine things have not changed.

  8. Get a new insurance advisor.

    QBE definitely had me get an official copy of my record from the RTA before they would process my claim.
  9. Dodgy and incorrect advice.
    You MUST disclose all information requested by the company, or they CAN and WILL quite legally deny you cover.

    And they do check.
  10. X 2.

    They will also do random checks of minor claims (under $1k).

    Further to what the tramp said, if your lucky, they might just increase the excess you have to pay. However, if they believe you were fraudulent and deliberately didn't tell them, quite probably they will just deny cover.
  11. Lets just summarise all of the above to say:
    1. You can have a company provide you insurance by deliberately choosing to withold details regarding your driving/claim history
    2. If you choose to do so, any insurance that they issue you may be invalidated by the fact that you have misled the company with your details
    3. The company may well pay out the insurance regardless (ie if they are unaware of the fact they were misled), but if they do make checks or ask you again in the settling of the claim, you run the risk that they may not payout the claim and/or they may terminate your policy with them and/or they may blacklist you for any future insurance products
    Are we agreed? Excellent! As this thread is wavering a bit off-topic and I am hoping to wrangle it back to the original line of enquiry.

    For those who may be interested, whilst InsureMyRide refuses to insure ANYONE who has been suspended within the last 5 years, AAMI (who, I believe, underwrites InsureMyRide) will offer insurance to someone with one suspension within the last year (not sure what their limits are), but, obviously, for a higher premium than that offered by InsureMyRide for someone with no claims (more expensive by about 1/2 - $300 versus $200 or so)

    I must also say, one of the things I like about AAMI's policy is that they actual state that they do not expect full disclosure on the part of the policy holder (ie you do not actively have to inform them of details or changes regarding the policy), instead they explicitly state that all you need do is answer any and all of their questions truthfully. So, if they don't ask, you don't need to tell.
  12. mmmmm lying by omission. Sounds just as fraught with danger as lying to them.