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N/A | National Looking for Information,.....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dr Who, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. G'day everyone,...

    Well for the last few days I have been going throught the search function and for the life of me I cannot find this info I was after,. ..

    A while ago there was a discusion on speed cameras,... (yeah I know,.. heaps of those over time)

    But most noteable this one discusion the subject of how they are callibrated it was mentioned specificly how this should be done to a International standard of mesurement.

    I am trying to find this technical discusion.
    Any help would be greatly apreciated as I am not all that good at these search functions,... I know I must be a missing some term or something.


    Dr Who?
  2. Not really how it's callibrated but I heard on the radio that they aren't even recognised by the Institure of Measurment.
  3. 8-[G'day everyone,...

    Thanks Davidp,...

    That got be on track,..
    I might have spelled somthing wrong in the search function,...

    My English teacher must have been realy bad!

    Dr Who?