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Looking for information on Suzuki TU250X

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Scumbag, May 6, 2005.

  1. My wife is looking at one of these to replace the CB that got written off some weeks ago. From what I understand it replaced the GN 250 and uses the same motor in a more retro type look, ala SRV 250 Renaissance.
    Just wondering if someone can help with info.

  2. Brian,
    There's one on bikepoint at the moment
    TU250 (no x designation). Says it's a dirt bike but looking at it and pics of others that ain't the case. Nice looking saddle and low slung retro styling bike.

    Yamaha City in Elizabeth Street (9602 2354) has it for $2990 for 1996 model with 11,876km on clock.


    If it has the same motor as the GN250 then it's a single cylinder four stroke, very forgivable and almost unburstable.

    ***Edited due to a mistake***
  3. You should ring Pete. He's some kind of mechanic for Suzuki. I'm sure he could tell you all about that model. I'll PM his number to you.
  4. Thanks for that Nodz, according to the blurb I have found on the web so far it is a 250 single.retro styled. The one Elle is looking at is a 1996 with 28k on it for 2.5k she seems quite taken with it so once I ride it on Sat morning we may have the bike sitting in the garage.
  5. Brian,
    One on the url I gave you, looks like a twin but it may just be twin exhausts from single cylinder. Come to think of it the GN250 is a single cylinder as well I think. Ignore last two lines of my previous post...:LOL:
  6. Thanks Nodz will do and I will keep searching for information on them.
  7. Wasn't the GN250 a single? :? :?
  8. Just some specs here:
  9. glitch_oz, yep, read my second post here to Brian. Got confused GN250 is a single. The TU250 appears to have twin exhausts but prolly from single cylinder.