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Looking for gauge clock ideas..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr Messy, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Hey all.
    Im just looking to stick a clock on my bikes gauges somewhere.
    I dont like wearing watches and not one for fumbling to get my phone out of my pocket to check the time while motoring along...

    I had an idea of getting a waterproof digital clock, either 12v or battery powered, slim as possible and just velcro'ing it to the dash.... problem is im not sure such a thing exists... cant find anything even close on fleabay.

    Anyone else put a clock on their bike? Any suggestions for me? Perhaps you even know where i could get such a little clock?? :)
  2. Don't buy the Oxford one, it's rubbish.
  3. Im thinking i could just strap a $10 digital watch to the handlebars... lol
  4. seen plenty of digital wristwatch's with the band taken off and mounted on the handlebars...someone steals it then its no worries
  5. I don't know if these ones are backlit, but there are other ones that are.
  6. When my wife had the virago, she just got a formotion clock from http://clockabout.com.au/?gclid=CMP51qra5J4CFSIdawodOAV1Jg
    It sat there securely her whole learners period she sold it upgraded, the next person used the virago then upgraded and i saw it in the bike shop with the clock still securely sitting on it ticking away as they prepped it for selling again.
    It was the stick on one too not bolt on
  7. Clockabout are also sponsors of the site, aren't they?

    Cheapo digitals are subject to vibration, or that's been my experience anyway.
  8. yeah i think thats where she saw them 1st, they have a few types of stick on clocks, seem to have backlight 1's as well, my bike has a clock, but if not you'd want 1 with school zones ect at different times of the day
  9. Just pull up next to cars and peek at their clocks through the side window. It freaks them out and you get the time. :grin:
  10. I bought a cheap clock at super cheap auto the other day, was 10$ or something. It comes with a thing to stick onto the bike, so its removable. Not sure if its waterproof, but it does have a back light. I just needed it for school zones, so i'll take it off in the wet.
  11. I am going to supercheap in the a.m. after work (as well as to buy some decent gloves from a bike shop), so i might see whats around there too... $10 vs $65 is cool :).

    fekk if i stare in windows id much rather have a heavily tinted visor so i can look all ominous and scary and stuff... If i get much more black stuff ill be the fat, motorcycle riding, black stigs aussie cousin... and then ill get run over because noone will see me.

    Note to self: also get heavily tinted visor.
  12. The stick-on will stop sticking-on, and the vibration will kill the electronics. At least that was my experience, twice.

  13. ..mine was a bit more that $10, but I just strapped a waterproof digital watch on my handlebars.. works a treat!! :wink:
  14. This is what i was planing on doing also...Until yesterday when i saw uncosnails bike, she has a bike computer..It tells you the correct speed, your top speed average speed n all that jazz plus it has a clock!

    The $9 push bike clocks looks like a great bargin tho...
  15. wow actually that push bike clock actually does a lot more than just tells the time...
    Hey DrewBytes does the speedo thing keep up with a motorbike speed?

    Im ordering one.
  16. perhaps not lol they want 23 bucks to post me out a $9 clock..
  17. MM, they are good for 300km/h so will suit most bikes :D