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Looking for garage/shed kit for motorbike storage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. The dreaded time has arrived..... my bike needs to be relocated to another address... only that the 'other' address doesn't have a garage...

    My plan is to assemble a shed/garage kit at the new address as I don't want the bike outdoors, even with a cover on it.

    Does anybody know of specific companies in Melbourne (preferably) where such units are available ? Especially ones suited for motorbikes etc.

    Any suggestions/recommendations much appreciated.

  2. Opps, misread question.
  3. Checked out the DIY's @ bunnings warehouse? I saw them when I was buying a tarp for camping.
  4. I recently put together an Absco shed - http://www.absco.com.au/

    I found Absco to be cheaper than Stratco, and also good quality.

    Check your local council regulations, but if it is not more than 3*3 you usually don't need to go through council, it's classified as a garden shed.

    You'd probably get away with spending around $750 if your willing to lay the concrete slab and put the shed together yourself.
  5. try ebay often you can pick up a second hand shed pretty cheap especially if you are willing to pull it apart yourself.
  6. you can always leave it in my garage... as long as the keys stay with it of course

  7. Clair, are you over your new bike already?!!!!
  8. Thanks to all who posted,

    I have been to Bunnings recently and had a quick look..interesting. The idea of searching ebay was also recommended by someone else after I posted this thread, but thanks wizzardofaus.

    Orekin, I've been online most of today looking at websites and came across absco and others - great quality but a little too expensive.

    Eve, considering your bike's a CBR600RR, and mine (at present) is a GS500F (VIC full licence, but still on restrictions :( ) , I would be very happy to leave my bike over at yours, with keys of course, on the proviso we exchange bikes during this period ;)

    Thanks again to all for your input.

  9. JO - no still love my bike - just dont wanna scratch it and would rather kane someone elses

    Fortysix already put a stone chip in the front

    nickers - no deal...

    when you upgrade to a fireblade - then we'll talk
    :grin: :wink:
  10. not sure if your still looknig for storage, I have a shed and you can leave it there, pm if you need details / look etc, cheres al
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  12. Endurotour - thanks for the kind gesture..will keep it in mind.

    To all, thanks very much for your input. I'll keep on searching your suggested brands/websites and eventually the right 'storage shed' will come up...but from those I have seen already I have to say this : Damn, they're NOT cheap !

    Best wishes to all :)

  13. build your own copy of a hog cabin
    i could probably custom fabricate one for you