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Looking for friends to ride with..

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bel, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    Im from Western Sydney and ride a Honda CBR 600, and would like to hopefully meet up with people who would like to ride on weekends. Split with my riding partner, and dont get out much any more. Would love to meet new groups who enjoy getting out on the weekends.

  2. Hello and welcome I am sure you will meet many good people to ride with
  3. G'day Bel, welcome to Netrider! :)

    As you're in Sydney I'd suggest checking out the "Announcements -> NSW" section for some regular ride schedules while you're here.
  4. Welcome Bel :)
  5. Hi Bel and welcome to Netrider. I'd love to ride with you, however distance plays an unfortunate part in this case :)
    As mentioned, there are many keen NSW riders organising rides frequently and the relevant forums here will guide you to many friendships/riding buddies.

    Good luck and enjoy !
  6. whats your riding style Bel?
  7. Thankyou, will do :)
  8. Lol. I guess i like to ride with a group thats not to slow!! But I always ride to my ability... I dont try and keep up if Im not comfortable. I like to ride fast at times, but im not stupid and I respect my bike.... Ive come off once, and its taught me a lesson or 2.
  9. Thanks for the welcome.
  10. welcome bel
  11. Welcome Bel!
  12. Welcome Bel.

    Join us for the Pink Ribbon Ride this Sunday.

    You can convince my wife to get her licence. :wink:

    Awesome profile pic by the way. (y)
  13. she prob likes to ride the "line of road" style :cheeky:

    what?!?! somebody was gonna say it...and you were all thinking it!!!
  14. I have absolutely no idea what "line of road" style means. So I couldnt have been thinking it :p
  15. lol dude...read her name...it is a dad joke but you will get it eventually!
  16. Hi Bell and welcome, so where abouts out west are you ?
  17. Pity you're not in Mel, Bel!


  18. Ding ding ding ding ding.....the light bulb turns on finally.......hahah good one Mav. Im a slow guy both in riding and in thought lol :).
  19. yeah AznC that's what i tell my gf when she gets angry at me for not listening...lol