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Looking for first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by KazTastic, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. I'm currently looking for my first bike. I've taken a look at the current crop of 300cc bikes, but I'm just not a fan of them. The one I did like was 321cc, which would mean that I'd be paying more than $600/year to register it, rather than just under $300. If I was willing to pay that much for rego, I'd rather go for something bigger like an MT-07 or a CB400A, but to be honest, I really don't feel comfortable on something of that size at the moment, and I don't particularly want to spend that amount of money on a learner bike.

    Therefore, rather than wasting $6-7k buying a new bike that I don't really like, I'll buy something for $4k, and keep saving for a nice big bike for when I'm on my blacks.

    I was looking a few different sub-300s on Bikesales, but they all seem to command the same price, no matter what age and condition.

    What bike should I be looking at? I don't mind any type of bike, but I'm not much of a fan of cruisers. I don't mind which make, but reliability and build quality are just as important to me as performance. I also want something that's a bit out of the ordinary, I feel like every man and his dog have either a CBR250R or a Ninja 250 (did I mention that I wasn't a fan of the CBR300R or the Ninja 300).

    Alternatively, should I just get the CBR/Ninja, and just wait until I'm on my opens for something I truly want?

    Thank You
  2. Aprilia 125
    Suzuki Bandit 250
    Kwaka ZR250 balius
    Piaggio MP3 :p
  3. Spada
    vtr250 if you're gay.

    or just about any paddock basher and take to the dirt.
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  4. VTR250
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  5. KTM Duke 200
  6. This just screams VTR 250...
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  7. Those Italian 2-strokes certainly look like fun - though the thought of maintaining an Italian 2-stroke is a bit daunting. I guess it would be an excuse to learn mechanics.

    As for the VTR, it seems like a more responsible choice, especially the fact that they're built less than 15 years ago. Should I worry about mileage (a dealer told me that bikes start dying at 30,000km - but I assume it's more to do with the condition of the bike and the type of riding).
  8. My VTR was awesome. The only thing I wasn't so keen on was that it only has 5 gears.
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  9. Is that the ugliest front mud guard to have ever been put on a bike?
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  10. #12 Geoff3DMN, Mar 23, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2016
    Nah, it's just the crappy angle they've taken the photo from (it makes the front wheel look bigger than it is and makes the wind deflector on the front of the mudguard much more obvious than it is in real life).
  11. Are you in Sydney as your profile suggests? Because if so your incorrect about the increased rego cost.
  12. #14 KazTastic, Mar 23, 2016
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    I will be keeping the bike registered in Canberra, where my permanent address is - I just work in Sydney. I'll be transferring back there once I'm on my Ps, when I can deliver on a bike and therefore work at a Canberra delivery facility.
  13. A few to think about:

    2004 Kawasaki KLR250 (KL250 D) for sale[2000..4000]%26%28%28%28%28%28EngineSize%3Drange[125..600]%26%28%28SiloType%3D[Demo%20%26%20near%20new%20bikes]|SiloType%3D[Private%20used%20bikes]%29|SiloType%3D[Dealer%20used%20bikes]%29%29%26LearnerApproved%3D[Learner%20Approved%20Bikes]%29%26Service%3D[Bikesales]%29%26State%3D[NSW]%29%26%28Type%3D[Road]%26SubType%3D[Adventure%20Touring]%29%29%29&pso=0&pss=Premium - Benefits - can take it off road and stuff around as well

    2013 Yamaha YZF-R15 for sale[2500..4000]%26%28%28%28%28%28EngineSize%3Drange[125..600]%26%28%28SiloType%3D[Demo%20%26%20near%20new%20bikes]|SiloType%3D[Private%20used%20bikes]%29|SiloType%3D[Dealer%20used%20bikes]%29%29%26LearnerApproved%3D[Learner%20Approved%20Bikes]%29%26Service%3D[Bikesales]%29%26State%3D[NSW]%29%26Type%3D[Road]%29%29&pso=15&pss=Premium - benefit is its not a ninja or cbr 250 :)

    http://www.bikesales.com.au/private...aha-Virago-250-(XV250)/?cr=0&psq=(Price=range[2500..4000]%26%28%28%28%28%28EngineSize%3Drange[125..600]%26%28%28SiloType%3D[Demo%20%26%20near%20new%20bikes]|SiloType%3D[Private%20used%20bikes]%29|SiloType%3D[Dealer%20used%20bikes]%29%29%26LearnerApproved%3D[Learner%20Approved%20Bikes]%29%26Service%3D[Bikesales]%29%26State%3D[NSW]%29%26Type%3D[Road]%29%29&pso=45&pss=Premium - well you did say any sort of bike - mini cruiser?

    2012 Megelli 250 R for sale[2500..4000]%26%28%28%28%28%28EngineSize%3Drange[125..600]%26%28%28SiloType%3D[Demo%20%26%20near%20new%20bikes]|SiloType%3D[Private%20used%20bikes]%29|SiloType%3D[Dealer%20used%20bikes]%29%29%26LearnerApproved%3D[Learner%20Approved%20Bikes]%29%26Service%3D[Bikesales]%29%26State%3D[NSW]%29%26Type%3D[Road]%29%29&pso=60&pss=Premium - dare to be different?
  14. I love my VTR250 :).
    Paid $1650 for a 2001 model, has an almost new engine, new rear wheel and brakes. I had to do fork seals, front tire, a clean, a little paint.
    I did replace the handlebars, grips and indicators and head for fun too. Dropped around 2200 in total :).
  15. Headlight, not head :).
  16. Just a quick question, I'm about to swap over the headlight on the VTR, what did you do with the mess of wires that are originally stuffed inside the stock headlight?
  17. I got a similar type of design but the wires dont fit in well. I tucked them around, ill get a photo
  18. Ah right, I'm going for a small dual headlight so I can't tuck them in, ah well, probably just get a plastic bag or little box or something.

    (Sorry for the minor thread hijacking)