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Looking for F650 riders & all other Heavy dual sport rid

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by liddell, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. I am hoping to find other F650, dakar riders & of course other dual sport riders (heavier design models) that would be interested in some day rides, and possibly weekend rides with a combination of road and off-road riding.

    Please let me know who, what you are riding, and where you live.....


  2. I guess 120kg will not be enough :cry: .. but if your south of the border Im happy to put all the hard cases on a roll..craig's hut is a great place to cruise to if you want to meet half way :grin:
  3. Actually the more the merier. I have just found that most people with more serious dirt bike, don't like to associate with us
  4. Hey EnduroTour, new to the forums?

    If you're starting out from Coburg where abouts do you do most of your riding?

    A big welcome if you are actually new. Cheers.
  5. HI Rodgerdodger, yes i am new to the forum, tend to go up near wombat forest or out the back of talangi, although i do like the mansfield high country.. were about do you get out too? do you head out solo or is there a group of duel sport action dudes and dudettes?
    Hello again Liddel, I think i most likely travel at your pace, or maybe slower being a 250, and have quite some way to go in the off road world..
    if i get north of the border I will drop you a msg before i leave here..
  6. Please do, there are some great tracks around here. will do the same if I ever head down south
  7. I sent you a PM with a list of dual sport sites Jas.