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looking for dodgy rwc supplier in melb

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by yakuza, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. as the topic says, yes.. my bike is not road worthy since of my fender, no light or reflector. bike is 06 suzuki gsxr600

    any1 know place that will overlook that part? how about stevo... the one from north melbourne? i've been there a couple times.. not sure if he would let this one pass


  2. psssssssst....coppers browse this forum :)
  3. you wally :shock:
  4. lol..guess i have to try my luck
  5. It's worth trying, but in my experience people won't post up their fellows who do RWC's.

    The trick, in my prior experience was to get to know one mechanic, have a chat with him from time to time, even if you don't service your bike there. Buy all your stuff from him, order stuff in through him and -usually- they are happy to say "There was a muffler on it when I saw it" while ticking things off the form.

  6. good idea. i do have a mechanic that i always goto, just that he refers me to another guy for rwc, guess he doesn't do it
  7. Why don't you just put a generic reflector and plate light on from the auto shop, and a rubber flap for a mudflap? Total cost under $20... it doesn't have to be original equipment to pass, just has to do the same job.
  8. Or get a genuine one off ebay for $5, people sell them all the time when they do as you've done and taken them off.
  9. There are plenty of places that will do it. Pink slips, blue slips, whatever. Best thing is to go have a chat to a couple of mechanics in person. If they won't do it, chances are they'll put you onto one who will.
    Asking around doesn't hurt, just prolly not a good idea on a public forum.
  10. all good, didn't need anything

    rwc obtained,
  11. :rofl: Sorry, had to laugh, was trawling the forums and came across this gem!

    PS anyone know where I could get 15keys of Columbian ... mwahahaaaar! ;)
  12. Yep, just send me your $67500.00 via direct deposit to my little off shore account, your stuff will be on your front door step when you get home. Promise.
  13. ... funny you say that.

    I actually do know where to get 15 keys of Columbian!
  14. Thats just stupid, mate. We all know to see Tony Mokbel