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Looking for decent, customisable leatherwear on a budget?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DVC, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Just thought I'd share some information about this company called Daytona Bikerwear (turn off your speakers or the music on their website will drive you bananas after a while) that makes cheap custom leatherwear. I came across them on eBay while searching for Triumph paraphernalia but they do stuff for all brands.

    Now just so we're clear - they're based in Pakistan and they make cheap, unlicensed knock-offs. I was skeptical (you don't want to go out on the road with dodgy leathers) but they had heaps of positive feedback, they could customise pretty much anything and they were cheap!

    I decided to bite the bullet and grab one of these jackets:


    I wanted to change it up a bit to go with my bike so I cracked open Photoshop and "coloured in" that photo the way I wanted mine to look and asked for some different decals. They said no worries.

    The total cost (including postage) came to about $310. I thought about it some more and figured the worst case scenario was that I was about to get a $310 lesson in not ordering cheap stuff from Pakistan, and if it turned out to be a real shocker I could just give it to my neighbour for his dog to chew on. At least that way someone would get to enjoy it.

    I had a lady friend who is handy with a measuring tape measure me up and I went with a standard size listed on their site (in my case a large) since my measurements seemed close to those for that size on their eBay page.

    I ordered and paid for it on a Friday and the bloody thing arrived - made from scratch and shipped from Pakistan - the next Friday. I was pretty surprised and this only served to increase my suspicion that the thing would be dodgy.

    To my surprise it was bloody fantastic! The colours and decals were precisely what I asked for, and it fits well, too.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The quality of the stitching is top notch, the zippers are very heavy duty. It has removable back, shoulder and elbow protection and the lining is very comfortable.

    The only complaints I have are that the button on the neck strap isn't very strong and has a tendency to pop off while I'm riding, but I can get it replaced with a new button at any place that fixes leather, and that the "H" in the Triumph logo on the chest is slightly lower than the "TRIUMP" but you wouldn't be able to tell unless you were looking at it with a critical eye. Certainly no one would notice in traffic or if you were just walking down the street.

    Still, for about $400 less than what I'd pay for an official product here in Australia - especially considering the quality is comparable to what I'd expect (they're probably all made in Pakistan etc. anyway) - I can handle a couple of minor defects (provided they don't compromise safety, as these ones don't).

    Anyway, here's the link to their eBay listings if people want to check out more of their selection. They also do pants and their stuff can zip together to form a 2-piece.
  2. Man, that is one great link! And terrific writeup too, thanks for posting.

    I'm very tempted to get their Cigarette-branded bike jacket. Shame I smoke B&H's.
  3. +1
    I have a pair of Daytona leather riding pants and they are awesome.
    They have all the features and have the knee/arse armour, heavy dooty zips etc and look like a million bucks.
    Absolutely excellent value for ~170 crackers.
  4. At Cowes there's a shop called Frog leathers or Frog bike products or something that's selling off the rack for a similar price.

    Wish I'd known about these clowns when I was looking for a set of leathers, RST get them made at the same factories but use the shittiest zips known to man.
  5. Are you sure it's the zip or the mass that the zip is trying to contain that is the problem??? :rofl:

    There are some nice jackets in the Netrider store <---------------- ;)
  6. It's certainly a good idea to look around.

    I bought a completely custom set of leathers from Thailand. Fits perfectly everywhere, completely perforated at request, couldn't be happier. And cheap.

    I've since found that there's places in Australia that do the same thing for similar money (they prob outsource as well).
  7. nice link sound good. looked on there do you know if they do suzi,honda ect stuff as well. really like the idea of customisable

  8. Yeah they do just about every brand, mate. Check out the link at the start of my post.
  9. cheers im a numpty and just saw the ebay one