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Looking for damaged helmets

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kinch, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. First things first...

    I am NOT intending to ride or use a damaged helmet for anything that would require a normal helmet. No one will wear any damaged helmet, it will never be used for any kind of head protection while in a vehicle or moving. This is purely for my own personal research and I repeat, I will NOT be using it for any kind of safety gear.

    Sorry, just wanted to make sure I didn't get a whole bunch of "damaged helmets are bad mmmkay" posts :)

    I'm looking for a damaged helmet (or possibly several) for my own interests and research purposes. I don't want to give too much away (in case someone steal my patents and makes a fortune! :p) but I'm interested in making some very minor modifications and would rather do it with a damaged helmet. It would be better if it was reasonably intact, and preferably without large cracks or in multiple pieces.

    Is there a place I can find one, I'm told damaged helmets are tossed out, but I'm not gunna go scrounge around the dump for one :p

  2. Got an HJC CL14 without the visor, or hinges (canabalised), missing it's little plastic vents, but the shell is largely intact, as is the strap (faceplanted a dirt bank). Pay the Freight cost, and it's yours.
  3. You could try the op shop sorting centres.
    They do chuck out helmets etc if they're too shoddy.

    I've got an old Bell FF if you're heading out to the hills in Maleny area.

    Rob :wink:
  4. Might be a long shot, but you could try the various Bike Riding Schools in your area? I just remember when I got me learners/licence, they had heaps just lying around to be used by the students and just in a box spare to the side. You might be able to get a cheap deal on a couple of their helmets that are a little beyond protecting the noggin of prospestive riders.

    Your little blerb reminded me of that bit in the movie 'THe Castle' where Steve 'the ideas man' makes a brake light assembly for the back of his motrobike helmet. Frigin classic stuff...

    "Hows the serenity??"

    If I spot any helmets along the way that you could use I will let you know. As rs101 said, pay the postage cost and its yours!

    Good luck with your idea, whatever it is.
  5. im all for helping out a fellow aussie with his/her aspirations.
    however i dont have a broken lid,so in the interest of advancing the technology and helping a bloke get a kickstart,i will go and crash one now :grin:
  6. pretty sure your local cash converters has pre 1980 used, crashed helmets for around $700 to $750.
  7. Thank you to all for the excellent ideas. It's kind of sad that I'm trying to come up with some ideas for this helmet stuff I wanna do, and I can't even come up with basic ideas on where to find a borked helmet! Me thinks I'm not off to a very good start ;) For the people offering to ship them how much are you thinking it'll cost to send to brissie? ~1kg, in a large-ish box... anyone have any ideas? I'll get back to you once I have a gander around some local places to see if I can find something :)

    Thanks again to all!

    My lawyer has instructed me to tell you that I am in no way, shape, or form, liable for anything that happens to you or your equipment during this period of initial development. Furthermore, I retract any claim I ever made about damaged helmets, and I hereby assume no responsibility for anything ever. Also, I'm just a figment of your imagination, and I don't exist, so if you crash, then since I don't exist, you'll have to explain that it was because of the voices you "hear" in your head.

    Phew, I think I'm reasonably safe from liability now... ;)
  8. I think my VR2 is still in the back room....if you want it it's yours.......of course you are at the other end of the country though.
  9. Every race meet I've been to has resulted in a few helmets requiring retiring. Unless it's a serious one and goes in the ambo with the rider they could be obtainable.

    Worst case, you watch some racing. :wink:
  10. Sounds like someone is looking for a "AS 1698" for an import!
    :LOL: :LOL:

    good Luck!
  11. If that were the case I would be very wary of using a helmet which was destroyed at an MA event. All sticker numbers are recorded.
  12. When was the last time that a imperial officer checked the serial number of your helmet?
    Most likely never!

    Bike ok Helmet has standards sticker all good!

    on your way!

    Us Import is good to go!
  13. I was more thinking insurance. God knows what lengths they go to avoiding claims.
  14. Not that much Devotard :LOL:

    I have access to literally, thousands of them. Shame I can't take any from work though. The temptation walking out of the office every day past what look to be as new Arai's is overwhelming. Sadly, all numbers taken down and still put in storage until we find out what we can legally do with them.

    I'll let you know if the situation changes mate.
  15. This is completely off topic, and Im just curious really. Is an ACU (auto cycle union, for those who dont know) approved skid-lid legal for highway use in aus?
  16. QuarterWit... you're involved in the insurance industry?
  17. Yeah, motorcycle insurance.
  18. I know you said you didn't want to go sift through the tip to find one, so why not go to your local tip shop? I know there are at least 3 or 4 farked helmets that these immoral pricks are trying to flog at my local tip shop. They still have AS sticker and have clearly been in a crash or are so old to be prehistoric. I feel I should go and rip the stickers off and go off at them saying they shoud be ashamed of trying to sell them, but I just hope people are sensible enough to leave these helmets alone. Unless they are getting them for art work or displays or inventions, then it would be ok to buy them.

    Do any helmets make it back to the manufacturer for assesment? Details of the crash, outcomes of head trauma and helmet condition from real life crashed helmets should be good info for them I'd have thought
  19. I offered to return a (visibly) undamaged helmet for assessment after my head broke instead of the helmet. No response until I let them know the gravity of the situation in terms of sales. :roll:
  20. Hey mate, I have an Arai Vector that is missing a few bits of plastic and has a scrape accross the visro etc, that I would be happy to donate to a good cause....

    But I'd reckon it'd cost a bit to get it up to brissie purely due to size of the box!

    (edit - thought the poster was in Richmond initially)