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Looking for Couples who Ride together

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by joyce1980, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Dear all

    Both my partner and i ride together usually on the weekends. We usually go for rides along the country roads (old pacific highways etc...) Always looking for new roads to ride. We're both looking for more couples to join us in riding. If couple is interested, don't be shy to drop a line a two.

    Ride safe
  2. Try and welcome forum, then the NSW forum.
  3. Sorry Browyn
    I don't understand your reply... care to simplify? thank you
  4. LOL! thats a really cute icon! Thank you
  5. Is this another way of asking if anyone here is in a swingers type relationship?

  6. ._. who are u trying to be? Prince?? lol get a real name :p
    Oh n regardsing the Q...I thought the same thing lol
    Avoids eye contacts and backs away slowly
  7. Whatever you do, don't put your keys in the bowl!

  8. I was going to say. me and my mrs both ride. but sydney is a long way I will need to see pics first
  9. My wife and I both ride as well. But Sydney would be a bit of a hike...
  10. I wish. We both ride, but arranging sitters for the kids means we've only been on the road together twice so far :(
  11. Snort!!.. sorry!!, title made me laff :LOL:
  12. I ride with my wife around the southern highlands a bit, usually relaxed pace, nothing too long distance (thats gotta be good for some innuendo type remarks) usually on weekends, but we can't both be out too long due to kids then possibly becoming drug addicts or armed robbers if left unattended for a hour or 2 in todays world
  13. I ride with my GF, we are both on GSXR's and do NOT ride slow, I welcome any couple to try and stay with us LOL
  14. guilty!!!!!!!
  15. :worthlesspics:

    But there again, maybe not....
  16. Well Vic does live near Swappers Crossing!!
  17. =D> good answer
  18. Vic that was just wayyyyyyyyyy too much info for me....... way too much! 8-[
  19. .....pics? 8-[