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looking for comments on this route around Tassie

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by sillygit, May 11, 2008.

  1. Hey all,
    I'm thinking of doing a loop of Tassie next summer and I wanted to get some feedback. I'm trying to keep the trip to around four days plus travel to and from the island. I just did a quick mock up on google maps and came up with this route...

    So, I'm interested in comments on the roads I've chosen (and better alternatives), places to stay* in or around Queenstown, Hobart and St. Helens (not sure about St. Helens, it was just an easy way-point) and last but not least, interesting stuff to check out on the way...


    * I want to carry as little as possible so I'm thinking camping grounds with cabins, motels or even cheap'ish hotels...

    EDIT (2008/7/6): Updated route to take in a few of the comments so far.

  2. Hi, Not sure if you are still watching this thread, perhaps wrong area to post general is probably better to get more traffic and answers.

    Route is good, take the time to run into Strathgordan, this is a good, Hydro Electricity built road that runs into a dam and bugger all else. There is a lodge at the end and petrol if you need it. Also when you get to Chain of Lagoons on the East coast head inland on the Elephant pass. Definitely a good ride, but narrow, and stop for Pancakes at the Elephant Pass Pancake place.

    Hope you aren't riding on your own, its always good to have a mate so you can keep an eye on each other. Four days is cutting it fine, you will kick yourself for not spending more time as there are many great roads to discover. Have fun.
  3. Just south of Devonport is a good loop to take in. Sheffield then left just past Gowry Park (probably signposted as Mole Creek) and then left again just past Mayberry and through Paradise. Also recommend Deloraine, Poatina, Longford loop.

    When I've been over, the weather has tended to be more inclement on the west coast, so make sure you factor that in. I am a big fan of the centre and east coast....so many roads! Try to squish in Lake Leake road as well between Campbell Town and Cranbrook/Bicheno.

    Buy a Hema Motorcycling Atlas....very handy for finding reasonable -> great roads in areas you don't know.

    Have a fun and safe trip!
  4. Another alternative (if you have lots of energy!) is Deloraine- -Mole Creek - Liena - Cethana - Moina.

    +1000! But don't use this to short-cut the northern loop. Scottsdale to Launceston is well worth it, too.

    Then St Mary's pass on the way back to the coast :grin:
  5. As far as places to stay near Queenstown this isn't too bad:
    They've got cheap dorms available which are very basic but okay if you just want somewhere to sleep - and the bar area isn't a bad spot to spend some time either ;) (nice fireplace and excellent view over the lake).
    They also have the usual motel type accommodation but not sure what that's like.
    On the east coast Bicheno might be worth a look as an alternative to St Helens, it's a smaller town but from memory I think it may actually have more accommodation options available since it's a popular beach.
  6. If it was me, I'd avoid the boring highway from Launceston to Devenport. Take the scenic tour up the West Tamar and turn onto the Holwell Road (C715) at Beaconsfield, then right on Frankford Highway (B71) into Devenport. I live in Tas, and still haven't seen the West coast. Have to do it. This has given me an idea for a West Coast loop from Launceston to Launceston!
  7. Wow, thanks for the feedback guys. This is exactly what I was hoping for...

    I was thinking of incorporating some of the roads from the Targa Rally into my trip. I've found the course they do so now I just need match the cool roads from the TV coverage with the specific legs and then add them to the route. :)
  8. As others have said get a Hema Motorcycle atlas.


    Bitchun Bitumen available from the Netrider store.

    Also in the Netrider Article section is THIS article on Tassie roads.

    So many roads so little time :) Have fun.