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VIC Looking for CB250

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Philzorz, Jun 1, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys just throwing out a line to see if anyone has a cb250 kicking around they would like to part with. Will be my partners first bike so not looking for a bike full of problems but also looking at only spending a minimal amount as im sure the bike will kiss tarmac a few times while she is learning. Thanks in advance.

  2. I've got a 2003 model I'm looking at selling, new tyres, reg till November, approx 15000km. Looking for $2500 ono.
    I'm near Bairnsdale.
  3. Have a look around for a Kawasaki el250 , much better bike. Perfect for the ladies
  4. Stick with the cb250 or better yet, let her decide PhilzorzPhilzorz .

    I've only got my CB125E which I learned on, not a 250. Although it was a great learner bike. So much so, I'm having trouble parting with it and still take it for a burl. Should really sell it on though.
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  5. yeah she chose the cb250 showed her a bunch of bikes, zzr 250 gpx 250, honda spada 250 etc.. she liked the cb the most from all the 250's so yeah im not stupid enough to not let my woman choose haha :p
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  6. Lovin your work PhilzorzPhilzorz . My OH would kick my behind if I asked for his opinion on what I should ride or drive.
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  7. Has she ridden one? She might be disappointed when she does, bc they're pretty gutless - but who knows, each to their own.
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  8. Don't be mean, lash out and stick her on a 400.
  9. If you really want to get a 250 for her, I'd want pictures of her first. :)
  10. Nah she hasnt but her terms were a cheap bike and low power to lower her anxiety while she is learning hence the cb250 choice
  11. I have almost brand new Honda CB125E for sale at a bargain price. Also pretty gutless but very easy to pass the exam on.
  12. we gonna be doing a bit of 110 on some freeways to get to places we wanna ride dont think a 125 would like to run for 2 hrs at 110k's, i may be wrong tho
  13. Hi there.

    I have a EL250 Kawasaki which I don't need any more.
    Sits on 100 km easy in 5th gear .It has 6 gears .
  14. ELs are great mine has no issues on the freeways
  15. No. You are correct, it may reach 110 but won't sustain it. Designed to be comfy upto a legal speed limit for L platers (wink wink)
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    @OP - you know they are a thimble sized single cylinder pus-wagon right?
    Honda CBR250R (2011) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Get a baby twin.
    Parallel of V - doesn't matter......either would be superior

    Just get her a VTR-250....
  17. Yeah been looking but most seem to be double the price of a cb250 and more expensive parts.. if one comes up at the right price..
  18. still looking for a cb250? I've got a 2001 in red (see my avatar pic). Not 100% sure if i want to part with it but did you have a ballpark budget?
  19. Strange, last time I looked my CB250 it seemed to be a twin. To the OP, I don't think this the bike to be sitting on 110 for extended periods of time (except if the wind is behind you). If we were P1 riders in Tasmania weren't restricted to 80 it would have been replaced some time ago. Roll on November! Not that it's a bad bike. Just not quick.
  20. My CB250 top speed was 110km/h. Flat out, 1 up, 0 head wind, flat road.
    Made overtaking impossible.
    On the test ride, the GS almost felt like it would rip my arms off, by comparison.
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