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Looking for cage mechanic recommendation in Berwick/Narre

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Pugsly, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Hi

    I've been living in the Narre area for a bit, and the Toyota cage is due a service. It's out of warranty so I'm less inclined to take it back to Toyota for it's service.

    Can anyone recommend a decent mechanic in the Berwick/Narre area? There are too many dodgy bastards out there, and I'd rather go to one on a recommendation than picking one at random.

  2. I can highly recommend Lido, from Superior Automotive in Hallam. I've taken several different cars to him over the past 12 years and have always felt that the work was done thoroughly and well priced. I've since referred my wife's family to him too and have no reservations recommending him to anyone.

    His service has, for me, been above expectations. He's done a couple of small diagnostic jobs without charge and when broken down once, offered assistance over the phone on how to get the car going to avoid a tow (fuel pump on a commodore).

    Lido has been honest to deal with in that he'll only complete work you authorise, and any parts that do need replacing out of the ordinary service, he'll advise you on price to replace and how long before it is critical.
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  3. Might be better to go on a car/Toyota forum rather than this
  4. I don't frequent any car/Toyota forums. I do however frequent this one, and many bike riders also own/drive cages.
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  5. Thanks Bob. Most helpful. :)
  6. Shush! Pugsly, don't give away our dirty shameful secrets. ;)
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  7. Yeh fair enough. I didn't mean it as a dig against you. I'd do the same actually :)
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  8. I know. It's awful. "HI. I'm Pugsly. I also... *shifts around nervously* drive a car..."

    Thanks to whoever moved my post. I was tossing up between vendors or pub. Turns out I got it wrong. :)
  9. Nah, coulda been either being about cages, better here but, J is on the money.