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Looking for broken bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jc212, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. My mate wants to buy a banged-up bike so he can rebuild it himself. I just wanted to know where we can find these bikes. Are there any bike-specific wreckers where we can find broken bikes for cheap? We live around the hurstville area so a place close by would be good.

  2. What sort of bike is he after?? Plenty of cheap stuff in trading post that may/may not be rego'd and he can still work on it to do it up.

    Wreckers try www.yellowpages.com.au and ring around before you head out there.

    Also bike for sale mags at newsagents have some wreckers advertising.
  3. http://www.fowles.com.au/

    Inserting my standard warning here.

    Don't do it to save money - you won't.

    Go into it as a project you'll be fine.
  4. WHat Kaer said, with a proviso: if you can do your own work, and you know parts are cheap, it's worth it.
    I wouldn't buy something damaged, it's cheaper to buy something not running or with mechanical failures. Bent and parts missing adds up real quick!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I've just had a quick glance at those bikes in the gallery.. how come they are so cheap when it's just 'cosmetic' damage?? The bike i'm looking for, the GS500F, is only $2500 with only cosmetic damage!? Is it real?
  6. Motorcycle disposals buys most of his bikes from fowles. Then marks it up, and waits for someone to buy it.

    You do know the fairings alone are going to set you back a couple of grand?
  7. Make sure that it is not a stat. write off...apprently you can't re-register them??? If anyne can shed some light on that...please do so.
  8. couple of grand.. ugh... i thought the fairings were a bit cheaper :p
  9. Just hang around Netrider for a while, with the amount of offs lately your sure to pick one up. :LOL:
  10. yep, agree!
    just yesterday i purchased a "not running" cb250n for $300 (for my wife to learn the road on).
    picked it up, drove home, connected jump-starter and started bike. no choke, no nothing it just went. the starter would have been lucky to make an entire revolution....

    the battery was discharged and therefore the bike was not running?!?

    anyhow, their loss my gain. (i would feel guilty if i KNEW the people)

    they are out there, so have a good look around
  11. Just follow some of us netriders around with a ute :p

    --[oh come on, you were totally thinking it!]--
  12. It might be worth putting an ad in the paper/Raiding Post- the only good way I know to get a cheap, non-running bike is by some duffer offering it to you. They can also pop up at garage sales (!)

    As Joel has noted, a lot of non-mechanical people will think a bike's dead just because it hasn't run for a long time.

    Best to not be in a hurry, and check rural areas around Sydney where derelicts are more likely to be sitting.
  13. stat write off means frame damage, and you can never register it again. You can stick the engine in another frame though.

    Assessors do get it wrong sometimes, and bikes they flag as stat write off, sometimes ain't (making a good track bike).

    And also the other way around.
  14. say frame was repaired and got engi cert... still not able to re-register?