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Looking for brand new Hornees?

Discussion in 'Archived' started by GoTeam, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. Is anyone looking for a brand spanking new pair of Hornees in your size? If you want burnt blue or bruised wash then there's an 8 week wait (unless you want/need size 28 or 34 then you can get it in about one week). If you want anything else then let me know. $150. Brand spanking new and choose your style/size, pick up in Melbourne. If you want burnt blue or bruised wash then I'll either mail it to you or pick up from Brisbane.

  2. become a sales representative mate? :p
  3. Not interested at all, but I appreciate the Derek and Clive in your sig.
  4. Any camo's? :grin:
  5. Glad there's someone else on here who gets it ;)

    "I've got cancer so big you can't even see it!" :LOL:

  6. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. Apart from burnt blue (except for sizes 28 and 34) and bruised wash, everything else is available within about one week. There is only one pair... from me. I'm not a sales rep.

    ..... and Dougz, there were fleets of battleships, hot dog stands without the hot dogs (up you-know-where). :p

    Yeah :p
  7. Join in:

    My old man's a dustman
    He wears a dustman's hat...
  8. Es, what's the relevance or the link between this thread and your link to KTMs being stolen?
  9. I'll have a size 32 bruised blue when they're available :)
  10. well they broke into a motorcycle shop perhaps they took more than bikes. im not saying you are the culprit but people need to think about where their ebay bargains come from. i think its funny as that you guys posted up around the same time :LOL:
  11. Well that isn't me. The pair I've got on offer is coming directly from Hornee in Sydney..... hence the choice..... and it is only ONE. I'll be out of riding for quite some time so will be selling my not-so-used riding gear of which this is going to be one thing. There's your background info.
  12. I'll take a pair of size 32 men's high blue.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.