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Looking for biketour company

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ScharfsinnFFM, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    I just arrived in Australia for a 4-month holiday where I don´t want to miss biketours. Maybe another biker is travelling around and wants to do parts of the trip by bike.
    At the moment I am in Melbourne, in November I will be in Brisbane, after that I am planless and open, around x-mas I will be back in Melbourne. Definetly want to do the Great Ocean Rd around that time.
    At home I am riding a Ducati Monster, here I have to rent something. I am easy going... I think. :)
    Would be happy to find somebody to ride with.

  2. Come to Adelaide I'll take you for a ride around :eek:
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  3. RRdevil saw the FFM in your user name and got all excited;)
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  4. This thread is about to go crazy!!!
  5. Behave gents
  6. You're right. Don't get any attention at home. Time to look elsewhere.
  7. FFM = Frankfurt, a town in Germany. :)
  8. I love Germans. My favourite people. Build good cars and awesome bikes :D
  9. Frankfurt am Main, you idiots.
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  10. Welcome.

    If you're here for that long, you should look at buying a bike, if you choose right, you should be able to sell it without loosing anything at the end, much cheaper than renting.
  11. ... but shes easy going.

    lol welcome to NR. If you can't find anyone to do the whole trip with you it's usually pretty easy to find people to do sections.

    My bikes are around Sydney at the moment, if your riding round there hit me up, it'd be great to explore more and it might motivate my gf to get her bike out lol
  12. :) Thanks. My car is german but my bike is Italian.
  13. I thought about that, even bringing mine to here. But it would be an albatross around my neck because I can´t put it in my hand luggage when I am flying to other places.
  14. I think the best place to look here is in the events section. Most of the rides listed are rather informal.
    For example, when you are in Brisbane you'll find rides that head north and south into the Gold Coast hinterland and sometimes further south across the border into Northern NSW.
    I'd also be checking out club rides that accept gusts wherever you are. This mob http://thmcec.com/events_thmcec.php accepts guests for $10 and are a reasonable ride from Brisbane but they don't seem to have much on in November - except for amemorial vintage run which might be ok. I'd check it out. It would take you about 1 hr 40 mins to get to the start point. Ride is 150 km with destination of Purlingbrook Falls ( http://thmcec.com/events_thmcec.php)
    Not sure what they accept on a Vintage run though.
    Since you are in Oz around Christmas a Toy Run would be the go as long as you don't do it in Qld and face possible arrest for association ;)
    Ulysses are an older mob but might have rides worth looking at (if they accept guests).
    I'd be heading north from Brisbane up towards the Sunshine Coast and south to the Gold Coast hinterland. I'd also take a ride down to Byron Bay area in Northern NSW.
  15. No one is perfect, I'm a half baked German (Mum is German) bike my bike and car are both pure bred Deuschlanders....
  16. Dump the albatross, pack light & ride where you need to go. Simple. Australia's not that big anyway.
  17. Too bad you didn't arrive a bit earlier - I've just done a 5000km trip from Adelaide over to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Rd for the MotoGP and then on to the Snowy Mountains and the Victorian High Country . But I'll second RR DEVILS offer if you end up coming to Adelaide .
  18. More than 20 times bigger than Germany - bring a water bottle!
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  19. call out when you're back in Melb Stef, there'd be alot of people willing to take you for a look around.