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Looking for bike suggestions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Peleus, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Hey all, finally in a position where I can get back into riding a bit.

    Budget - $12k - $13k

    Experience - Full licence, haven't ridden in a while though, used to own a '07 Daytona 675 but sold it after I needed a car with my new house.

    Used for - I'd say 70% weekend riding, 20% general commuting, 10% occasional long weekend ride 2up with the misses.

    What I'm thinking - Brains are stupid but they are so damn logical. In other words I really love the 600's, but I know I don't need a super sport. As silly as it sounds if I'd never owned one before I'd probably go for a 675 in a heart beat, but it feels weird getting another one having never owned a different bike (full licence). Given the possibilities of longer trips I'm almost thinking of a sports tourer to get a bit more comfort - but then I always found the 675 comfortable enough. Not a fan of naked bikes, as silly as it is looks are a big part of the buying decision, I want to love the look of my bike.

    What I need opinions on - I'd love to hear opinions from people that have had both super sports and sports tourers for the difference between them. I think "Do I really need speed and awesome looks?" and lean towards something like a VFR800. Then I think "Do I really need comfort?" and go back to a CBR600RR or D675. Opinions that could sway me might be something like "Yeah I had both, I lose almost no speed in the twisties with my VFR compared to my CBR, but I'm soo much more comfortable and would never go back"... or perhaps posting a nice wallpaper of a D675 to sway me the other way. Help!

    Thanks guys.
  2. The difference between supersports and sportstourers on the road are negligible, often the sports tourer can be faster on bumpier roads as their suspension isn't as harsh.

    But you have to like the look of a bike I think.

    I think that the pretend adventure bikes make the best sport tourers, the KTM Supermotard T 990, the Triumph Tiger, the Kwaka Versys 1000. Much better pillion accomodation than the VFR or definitely any supersport.
  3. The biggest difference between a sports tourer and supersports bike is going to be comfort. As VC said, on the road the difference in speed will be negligible and is often down to the rider not the bike.

    The only thing I can suggest is that you ride as many different bikes as you can and buy the one you like the most.
  4. I'm a fan of sports tourers. They're not all the same. Many are simply compromised sports bikes with a set of clip ons, a taller fairing and some luggage. If your looking for almost new, look at one of the BMW F800 road bikes like the ST or the newer GT. BMW finance might surprise you for rates, a more expensive new F800GT might still be in budget.

    Not affiliated. Just a long term Bavarian nutter.
  5. not F800GT(it's 18-ish) but F800ST(12-ish)
  6. Actually, let me do the netrider thing. You should by a Bandit 1250S, you'll get change from $13,000.
  7. I've actually seen one brand new Bandit1250 for $10000 on special, but it wasn't "S" just naked.
  8. #8 Kobo, Mar 7, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2013
    I think you should look at something like this. You like mid sized bikes and these are excellent handling, quick and will tour 2 up with ease. Comes with a centrestand, as ALL street bikes should, for easy maintenance duties and it looks fairly hot too, IMO. Oh, and it's great value at $7 grand. The other bike I love in this range is the Kawasaki ER6F. I owned one for a couple of years and it's a strong contender for top of the 'My Favourite' list. Good Luck with it,

    Kobo :cool:
  9. Faster over distance too, because you don't need to stop as often to get circulation back into your extremities. Easier to ride when you're tired after a long day too.
  10. Well, that ain't going to happen if you get another Daytona 675, unless your wife is one of those tiny and bendy Chinese gymnasts, who doesn't mind wearing an enormous back pack.

    The VFR800 is a lovely thing to ride, comfy for the long haul, quick enough for all but the serious loonies, but it gets rather hot as a commuter bike, and is, for it's size, surprisingly heavy.

    I dunno when they stopped making them, but, for a mid-size sports tourer, the ZZR600 Kwaka is awfully hard to beat, if you can find a good one, and you'd likely save a few grand for gear for you and the missus.
  11. Thanks for the feedback folks.

    It turns out the heart has won over the brain ..... and the wife (she can still fit... right)

    I'm hunting around for a new Daytona 675R, as weird as it is being my second one, I just can't get this bike out of my head. Sorry if it feels as though I 'ignored' any advice given here, I really did take it on board.

  12. I'd recommend a Ninja 1000sx over a VFR800 - The bandit is a good option or an FJR...........
  13. LOL - the g/friend and I were in the cage down at Mittagong following a sports bike with a female pillion into town... all you could see was her arse pointing up in the air as she leaned forward gripping the rider. My g/friend commented on how she wouldn't be caught dead on the back of one of those if that's how her arse looked for the traffic following. I had to fess up and tell her that it was a D675 just like mine to which she stated that she'd never grace the pillion seat on my bike. She has since reneged on that comment ;)

    @Peleus - the heart often wins when it comes to bikes, nothing really wrong with that! Like you, I find the D675 a very comfortable ride (once your arse acclimatises to the rather firm seat) and naked bikes don't float my boat. Good luck and have fun hunting down a new D675R.