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Looking for bike recommendations

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by calgarychris, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    Sadly last week I laid my dear CB400 down whilst investigating her ability to handle potholes on gravel at 60km/h. I'm told by RACV that she is "uneconomical" to repair, which is a bit crap really since she was priceless. But alas, I couldn't convince them otherwise, so here I am, posting a recommendations thread, before I wanted to...

    Here's what I like about the CB400:

    Traditional looks, big round headlight
    Easy to ride, very forgiving (I'm told)
    Quality construction with attention to details like underseat storage and locking helmet holder
    Decent power for a fresh off the restrictions guy like myself

    What I would like is basically the above, but with ABS so while it's looking like I might get the CB400ABS, I thought I'd throw it out to you kind folks for recommendations. Some of the bikes I've looked at so far are:

    Monster 696 ABS
    Monster 796 ABS
    Monster 1100 Evo ABS
    Monster 1200 ABS
    Bandit 1250 ABS

    I really wish the CB919 had ABS, but it doesn't. My inclination in looking at the above is that I'm best to stay to the first three bikes on that list, as I'm not sure I'm ready for something as big as a litre bike. But I do like the look of the Bandit.

    So, there you have it - are there any other traditional looking bikes out there with ABS that anyone can recommend?

  2. I think you may do well to look at the triumph street triple..check out the youtube reviews against Ducati monster it's hard to fault it...let NR know what you get in the end:)
  3. All good options there..

    You looking at new bikes or second hands?
  4. Z800 ?
    Street triple ?
  5. Honda NC700SA
    Kwaka ER-6n ABS
    Aprilia Shiver Sport 750 ABS
    BMW F800 R ABS
    Monster 659 ABS
    Yammi FZ8N ABS
    Honda CB650F
    Husqui Nuda 900
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  6. If you're going to be hitting dirt or badly potholed roads frequently don't discount the Suzuki DL650 or 1000. Both are available with ABS if that's important to you and are extremely competent all round machines.
  7. I am still riding and enjoying my first unrestricted bike, the Triumph street triple and happily recommend it. I bought mine used with 3900kms for $10990. Enjoy the hunt.
  8. DRZ 400 SM best of both worlds
  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm after second hand, ideally not looking to spend more than $10K, since I'll have to upgrade the missus' bike at some point too. Looked at the Striple, not wild about the sound, although the bug eyes might grow on me. It did seem nice and flickable. The Ducati's look the part but are bloody expensive!

    Most of the suggestions above are great bikes, but don't have that traditional bike look that works for me. I guess I was hoping there was a Japanese big bike like the CB900, CB1300, Yamaha XJR1200, Bandit 1250 that came with ABS...Ah well, the insurance hasn't settled yet, I've got time.

    I won't be going offroad, that was most unfortunate.

  10. I'd recommend the 1250 Bandit cause I've got one and it has ABS. They aren't over priced but they are a sports tourer more than a sport bike.
  11. Yeah, it's just a big, scary jump from a 400! They do look nice though
  12. I jumped off a vstar 650 cruiser and onto the bandit, but it is very forgiving.