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Looking for answers in strange places

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. I bought a new helmet last week; based on almost uniformly good feedback from Netriders, I got a Shark Vision R.

    This was partly driven by the fact that my Vemar flip-front was incredibly noisy on the new bike where it had not been on the Hornet, and partly by the fact that the Vision R is supposed to be very quiet. (It was also driven by vanity; I thought it was a good looking helmet, and I still do :LOL:).

    Riding proved it to be so, but another unrelated problem reared its ugly head. The airstream from the fairing on the VFR hit right in the top third of my chest, whereas the rather basic windshield on the Hornet directed the air right over my head. What to do, especially as the weather is cold-ish here and VERY cold in the Southern Highlands?

    I figured I needed to 'persuade' the air to flick up at the edge of the screen, rather than continue at unabated velocity straight into my chest. So, needless to say, I went to Bunnings, looking for some sort of strip I could put along the trailing edge.

    I ran into two really helpful guys there, both riders, who assured me that they had nothing that would help, but that Clark Rubber (100 metres away in the same centre) would. The nice man there sold me a length of adhesive-backed strip which I fitted to the screen, and tested it this afternoon by riding Macquarie Pass. BRILLIANT; the air now hits just below the helmet chin-piece and my you-beaut Netrider neck warmer takes care of that.

    A $7 fix (y)


  2. Hope it's good adhesive! Wouldn't want that hitting me in the face at 130kph :eek:
  3. so a thin strip like that was enough to put the air flow that much higher? cool. well done.
  4. Check on ebay. Plenty of double bubble screens for vfr800's.

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  5. mine's a 750, but, yeah, I had looked at that solution, but, I'm stingey :LOL:
  6. Why not a higher screen,theirs many after market screens as well,hey why has that car got p plates and red please explain.
  7. jesus that looks ridiculous
    like it's protection from contantly headbutting your screen or something.
  8. who said it was for looks???

    I bet if i had posted a picture of the bike without the accompanying text you wouldn't have even noticed :roll:

    In NSW we have red "P" Plates for the first year (?) of provisional licencing (90kph limit) then green "P" plates for the remaining 2 (?) years, 100 kph limit.....
  9. Interesting, I am amazed a strip so small can make a big difference
  10. surprised me too, and two more days of riding hasn't dented that surprise.

    I can't see it coming loose, incidentally, the glue strip on the back was pretty grippy when I put it on....
  11. Albeit not sleek, I can see the benefits. Let us know how it goes during the rain and where the droplets form. I hate it when I clean my screen and when it rains, the droplets form and run behind the screen once they crawl over the edge making it dirty on the inside.

    Clark Rubber didn't have anything that might be a little thinner allowing for wind diversion?
  12. not that I could find. I figured the profile of what I got has two bites at the cherry, so to speak, the slow rise and then the little lip at the top

    I will also be interested to see how it functions in rainy conditions...