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Looking for an R6

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by A.C., Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Recently arrived from Canada and I'm looking to get a 2008 R6. Someone told me to check out bikepoint.com.au, but I'm wondering if there's anywhere else I should look to find an R6. I notice that a lot of the bikes on bikepoint have been around for more than a few weeks without being sold. I'd always assumed that the bike market in Oz would have a fast turnaround, but it seems there's not a lot of bikes for sale, and it looks like it takes people a while to sell them as well.

    Also, any good Yamaha bike dealers near Sydney?

    Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

  2. welcome enjoy the ride
  3. how much u want to spend, colour preference, km's and where abouts in Sydney are u?
  4. There are umpty million bikes in Australia, and only 20-odd million people, fast turn-around doesn't.

    Welcome anyway :).
  5. try bikesales.com.au
  6. There's a few going on Ebay ATM.
  7. bike biz at parra is a yamaha dealer, ive always found them helpful
  8. It looks like the going rate is about $12k for a 2008, so somewhere around that range. Colour preference is black, km's about 10k and I'm in bondi. Thanks,

  9. It seems as though bikesales.com.au is the same as bikepoint.com.au, but thanks for the suggestion
  10. Worth noting the secondhand bike and car market is crap at the moment, nothing much of anything is selling so don't assume there's something wrong with a bike just cos its been there for a few weeks. Thats great for you though, it's definitely a buyers market.

  11. I know your a bit far, but if u feel like a road trip, go to teammoto at blacktown, ask for Steve or Alex, tell them Goz sent ya, tell them what u want and the will look after you, even call them if u dont feel like driving there

    cheers bud

    edit, plus you will find the 2008 models are charcoal grey, not black
  12. That's the thing - if there's umpty million bikes (which I assume means a lot ;-) ) then where are they all? I keep seeing the same bikes for sale, week after week. How do most people sell their used bikes here, on eBay? I just want to make sure I'm looking in the right places. In Toronto, the local auto trader website has hundreds of new bikes listed each week and they move quickly, so I assumed that it would be somewhat similar in Australia, considering that you guys can ride all year round here and our populations aren't that different.

  13. I thought the 2008 models were "Raven" which seemed like black to me.
  14. looks black from far, but looking at it closer, it is charcoal grey

    plus im still tossing if to sell mine or not, 08 r6 but in blue with 5000k's
  15. If it was black/raven/charcoal/whatever, I'd definitely be interested.. Out of curiosity, what kinda price would you be looking for?
  16. less than 1% of kilometres done on our roads are by motorbikes... More motorcyclists in Canada?
  17. around the the figure u mentioned above, but my brain is saying yes/no and my hearts saying no lol, to hard to let go

    Sunite, quick answer NO hehehe
  18. shit $7k seems low and only 3,600kms?!?