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Looking for advice. Should i go 250 or straight to big bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Conny!, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. Ok. Heres the deal.

    I learnt to ride a motorbike on a farm when i was about 8.
    Since then spent a small amount of time riding 250 trailies.

    I'm booked in on the 17 of December to do the advanced METAL course in the NT while i am working up there which will remove my engine restriction from my license. I reside in Melbourne but still hold an NT license. I haven't spent any time road riding since i got my restricted license. Haven't had the chance.

    I did my licensing on an SR250 which i found pretty gutless. The thing is i was looking at getting a 250 in Darwin to spin around on this summer and get my skills up. But i will probably have my engine restriction off soon so i am reconsidering that option. Ideally wouldn't mind borrowing someones bike up there but i don't know anyone willing.

    The thing is should i just get the engine restriction off and go straight too a big bike in Melbourne. I will only be doing highway riding, very limited city riding. I don't know if its worth having a 250 for such a short time.

    I have been driving for over 6 years now, and i am a confident driver. I know its a different thing on a bike. Any advice? The big bike i'm thinking of getting is a 90's model VFR750. Will this be such a problem. I can handle an XR250 on dirt easily enough, would road riding on a 250 be any benefit?

    Sorry for the long post but any advice will be appreciated.
  2. dont waste your money on a 250, as it sounds like you would sell it again soon....go straight to 600+ esp considering you are looking at highway riding.
  3. Thats what i was thinking.

    I don't really want to be doing any highway riding on an underpowered 250.
  4. dont bother with a 250. they're overpriced, crap to ride, and encourage bad riding style (in my opinion)..

    the VFR sounds like it would suit you well.. just take it easy until u get used to it i guess.
  5. howdy. imho the sr is not a good bike to judge 250's by. they are gutless handle poorly(dependant on requirements etc.) and IMO look pretty ordinary. Most 250's will easily hold 120km/h for long periods of time. without adverse effect, and have more than enough power to have fun with or do damage to yourself.

    I do hawever recomend you go for a bigger bike though, for these reasons:

    Value for money (condition versus price)
    Comfort(if you are tall etc)
    Pilion and Load Carrying Ability
    Range of bikes available

    If you have realy good self-disipline and rekon you can take it easy then i think you would be better off with the bigger bike.
  6. Buy a bigger bike straight away.
    If we haven't convinced you yet, the first time you go for a ride on a 250 with a group of other guys on bigger bikes, you'll be convinced then!!! Don't waste your money on a bike you'll sell again soon.
  7. I spent many years riding 250s around Melbourne... but than again I did most of my riding around town and very realy freeway... I would still "advise" to ride a 250... and not a sports 250... do that at least for a little while...

    Now older VFR750 is such a fine and forgiving bike... with your expiriance on dirt bikes I would go for it... Also a bike to consider it a Suzuki GS500 which I consider a "real" learners bike...
  8. Given that you have a lot of off road experience I wouldn't suggest a 250 if you don't have to... but that doesn't mean I'd suggest sporty 600 either.

    Find a 500 or 600 in a single or twin that makes between 50 and 70ps, that will keep you happy for years and the power characteristics are better suited to road riding (and intermediate learners).
  9. Well the response is over whelming!

    Looks like i'll be getting 70ps bike in the new year.
    This is contingent on me passing the advanced course, which i believe is riding around hidden valley race track on some high revving kwaka 750. Not sure of other details. But it will be interesting.

    Thanks for the advice. I am not a stupid individual, i'm not about to jump on 100ps beast, besides they are impractical for what i want.

    And i am fairly big at 6 foot and about 100kgs, probably explains how i was able to dig the foot pegs in on the intermediate course. :D I was just looking for some experienced people to tell me what i already thought.

    But my Dad my be annoyed, he was looking forward to getting his hands dirty on an old 250 bomb. eh hehe

  10. I just went threw the smaller V bigger bike thing .

    Look at the suzuki gs500 ,gs500f .

    It will handle highways easy as ,and big for a learner bike .
    I wanted a CBR - ZZR ,sporty looking bike.
    I didn't like to look of the GS on the web ,till i seen one in real life, don't write it off as i did from looking at the pic's.