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Looking for advice on second bike...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by p_o_s, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. First off, I'm 31, 6ft tall, 84kg, pretty sensible and have been driving a 250 cruiser (Suzuki VL250LC) for the past 14 months. I drive the bike most days as I commute 15km to work. I'm bored with my bike and have been for some time.

    As I'm new to bikes, and don't really have any mates that ride, I am getting all my info from magazines. I read them from cover to cover.
    First bike advice is in all the mags, but second bike advice is much harder to come by.

    I really like the look and sound of the Honda VTR1000F. Also the riding position looks comfortable.

    The Yamaha FZ6S is also a possibility. I like the looks and the riding position, but not as much as the FireStorm.

    Is this a HUGE step? Anyone done a similar thing and can offer advice?

    All advice on selecting a second bike is welcome.

  2. Depends on what you like. try out as many as you can. And as for the upgrade, i went from my zzr250 to my Zx12r and really its all in the wrist. I liked the look and the comfort of the bike. I am 6'1" and we go well together. So just find the bike you like and buy it. If you really want my unbiased opinion, go the 12 and you wont look back.. :p
  3. OK p_o_s, first of all, tell us where you are because there's probably a couple or more Netriders near you who you can ride with, and who can help you a lot. OH, and welcome to the forum, you'll find lots of helpful people and information here.

    With regards to the bike, plenty of people go from a 250 to bigger bikes, it's not about the size of the bike, it's about your confidence you have now. And you need to consider what the majority use of the new bike is going to be, no point having a mad sports bike to do mostly commuting and some touring
  4. Yes and all that good advice from hornet is on the money. So many things to consider. And welcome o the forums..
  5. Depends mostly on what sort of riding you want to do - commuting, touring or riding the twisties.
    It sounds like you want something a bit sporty from the choice of VTR and FZR6, but not too much? Especially if your commuting daily, as a full-on race rep could turn that into a chore for some people (not meant for relaxed riding).
    You can't really go wrong with something like the VTR. There are a number of other bike that likewise will handle a bit of everything - VFR, Sprint ST or RS, ZX9, SV, plus most of the nakedbikes.
    Plus, as you pointed out, you gotta like the look!