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Looking for advice - OLD GSXR Racer

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by nettles6, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hi There Everyone!

    Yesterday I was given a 1985 GSXR750 In ready for renovation condition!


    As I currently have a daily ride (CB250) I am looking at making the GSXR a track bike. Ive done some searching online but havent been able to find any details for specific racing classes or set requirements for track days.

    If anyone on here has any suggestions or sources of information I would really appreciate it.

    Details on the bike:

    Engine Size:750
    1. Exhaust pipe
    2. Pod filters on the carbies
    3. Bike has been street fightered with after market headlight.
  2. Well, over here in WA, the best bet would be Rule 20 (bikes over 20 years old) in which there are a few guys running slabbies. I don't know if there is an Eastern States equivalent. I've heard rumours of the bodies who run Historics adding a post-1980 period to their classes, which would suit the Gixxer down to the ground but I dunno if it's happened yet or is even close.

    You could just do trackdays rather than formal competition.
  3. where am I when people are giving away classic racers?? :( :LOL:
  4. Haha yeah me too, did we miss the memo?

    Nice score mate. Over here (nsw) I think the class is called pre-modern.
  5. If your going to do tutored track days the bike will have to be rego'd and road worthy.
    Normal trackies you will need a day or yearly MA lic. Same if you are going to race.
    Nice old bit of kit. They were a gun bike in their day. Many a good battle still being had between those and the ZX7
  6. Lucky you man. Even though depending on how much you'll have to put into it, it may be the devil in disguise?
  7. The main thing I remember about the early GSX-Rs was that the wheels were notoriously soft, and the slightest bump (read track drop) led to them being bent or buckled or out of round. I remember one rider in the pits at Hume Weir with the front wheel of a GSX-R wedged into a fence and he and his mates trying to bend it back into shape by heaving on the handlebars :shock: :LOL:.
  8. My recommendation: keep streetifightering that beast. Different tail and you're almost there. Sick paint job and then we can talk
  9. Ive already made the decision that the bike is not going to be registered. My level of control on the street doesnt lend itself to a 750 :p.

    @bretto The tutored track days is it possible to have the bike in roadworthy condition (tyres, breaks, suspension and brake light) but unregistered?

    @Hornet - Right place and right time. the bike has gearbox and electrical issues, needs brake lines and a few bolts, carbs are leaking, rear rotor is caked with rust (long story short I couldnt be happier!!!). I got really lucky with this one, has been sitting in a mate from works front yard for over a year. Im just happy Ive got something to sink my teeth into!
  10. it is a mess. I can see why it was free.
  11. more of a mess it is the better the rebuild thread is hehehe
  12. yep, true enough.
  13. Dunno what it's like over east but I did a Racecraft course over here on my unregistered and moderately ratty K100 with no questions asked. The course brochure/entry form doesn't (or didn't then) state road paperwork as being a requirement.
  14. Gearbox issues? That might get ugly (spelt $$$$) with a GSXR.

    Hmm, '85 was the first year of the GSXR? They're might not be too many of em left around.