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Looking for a very specific alarm system..

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jdimitri, May 27, 2008.

  1. The bike i'm getting already has a built in immobilizer, so all i need is a straightforward alarm system

    Looking around the net, seems like these aren't available, all of them seem to include an immobilizer+remote start (=more expensive, more difficult installation, bigger box..)

    Does anyone know of an alarm system that does just that?

    I want an alarm system to stop people from sitting on it, or fiddling with my helmet which i'm planning to just leave locked unto the holder

    Some of you might suggest an alarmed disc lock but i'd prefer to get an alarm system instead because 1. i have to unlock and lock the seat to take it out every time 2. something to struggle with before and after riding 3. No risk of riding away with it

    The only one i've seen and kind of liked is the gorilla 7007, but it's kind of steep at $150+

    It would be EXCELLENT if i can program my garage remote open/close (one button) function into the alarm remote, but i guess this is asking for too much..
  2. This looks good! However I noticed it dosn't have one of those shock sensors! How much are the alarm systems with the shock sensors?
  3. The remote starts are good fun.

    Wait till someone gets close - and start er up! Watch them run!

    I want one with a speaker, and a remote that lets me talk through the speaker with.

    "Move away, yes you, in the flannel shirt. Thankyou."
    "Yes, I am watching you"
  4. Yes it does. Slam the car door parked beside the bike in the garage, and the alarm will go off.
  5. Mongoose Alarm - works with the Honda HISS and they don't have to connect the remote start if you don't want it. Slam the car door in the garage and the alarm goes nuts.

    Around $500 installed, but we are on our 3rd Mongoose alarm for the bike, never had a problem, same with the car too.
  6. have you tried the scorpios... you can custom design them to suit your needs.

  7. Thats a crap deal considering on the alarms website you can buy them directly for $199
  8. Um you might want to read it a little closer. The web site deal is PLUS postage. NR are offering them for 199 inclusive of postage :roll: Click on the buy now icon on the website and you'll see the cost buying them directly is 214.50