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Looking for a travelbuddy

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Michael Hofmeister, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Hey riders,

    i`m riding all arround australia with my klr 650. If you are interested to join my trip, give me a ring.

    Now I´m in Kununarra till tomorrow (Monday Sept.14) Than I´m comming back from lake argyl and heading to derby about the gibb river road.

    Fell free to call me!

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    Hi Mike, A great adventure, welcome to the forum. Can't help you in WA but keep posting your location and when you get across to the Eastern States you should be able to catch up with more riders. (y)
  3. Hey Michael - Jealous! Post photos please of your adventure. WA Coastline would be an awesome ride - grew up in WA but been in Melbourne for some years now. Looking forward to some blogging from you :) Dianne
  4. Always love seeing photo's and dialogue from these sort of trips.
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  5. Hey Michael,

    When NR peeps join you during any part of your trip, a photo of your bikes (together with their NR handle) documenting their small part in your adventure would make a fantastic blag here.
    It could also form part of your personal travel diary, if you're intending to keep one.

    Travel safe, mate. Looking forward to catching up with you in Victoria.
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