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Looking for a Tow bar ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nic, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Hi

    I feel like spreading the word !
    I got a tow bar fitted to the car this morning.
    Went to Auto Towbars on Lexton Rd Box Hill north
    The guy is really nice, excellent customer service and the job was well done.

    If anyone needs a towbar for thier car I'd recommend heading down there


  2. Nic - how much?
  3. Cool I need a new tow bar. I might check them out thanks. :grin:
  4. I paid $275 for a hayman reese light duty for a Magna

    That included bar,ball, wiring loom and fitting.

  5. i hunted around and did mine myself for the magna. $50 + $5 in petrol to go get it. but i'm a cheapskate :LOL:
  6. Tow bar is actually instaled but it's the slip in type and the previous owner kept the hitch and electrics for himself (Arsehole :mad: ) when he traded it in, so I just have to replace those. Electrics I can get from Super cheap but a cheap price on the Hayman Reese hitch would be nice. :) I haven't actually looked into it yet cause it's a bit cold to be skiing atm (yet no bloody snow :mad: ) but I will need it soon. :)
  7. Can anyone guide me to getting a DIY Towbar for a HONDA CIVIC sedan (96 model) URGENTLY as i am Movin to Melbourne :D.... I, also am a cheapskate... Are there any universal towbars that i can install myself?

  8. Ktulu's death-machine has a genuine Toyota bar, tongue and ball, rated to 1.8 tonnes.

    Bar was already fitted, but the tongue and pin cost me like $165 I think from Toyota [overpriced bastids].

    ... but it HAS paid for itself many times over when we take a trailer camping, or when that lady in the Subaru liberty punctured her front bumper on it and my truck left the scene without a scratch :grin:
    I reckon I made her day when I said "Eh, it's marked, but it's a tow-bar. Shall we just forget it and go to work instead of holding all these nice people up on the Cumberland Hwy?" :LOL:
  9. She might've weakened your structural integrity :p (in more ways than one)
  10. if you wanna do it o nthe cheap try your local wreckers, sometimes you can get lucky.....then jus tbuy a pug and wire from super cheap or your fav auto store, and wire it up and your done :wink:
  11. all sounds so good. but...

    but if you look into it more. the towbar must be the right type for hte vehicle it is being attached to. they have compliance plates on all towbars now for all vehicles after a certain date and the info is stamped on this plate. if its not you are a 'defective vehicle'.
    if you are found you get fined.
    if you have an accident you are void of insurance.

    so if you have a late model car and going to teh wreckers you need to look for the right towbar.

    if you have an old car, then you can sometimes get it made, as there is no telling when done. but you will need the 'right' kinda of assistance.