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Looking for a thin profile open face helmet

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BJF, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm a new user, still navigating my way round... I've been looking for a thin profile open face helmet... got a big head! Doesn't have to be egg shell thin. Been looking at RJay, THH & RXT models, but they are all still a little big for my liking... i'd like to get an australian standard approved, but it's looking like they don't make them that thin to standards... any feedback on brands to try etc would be appreciated!](*,)

  2. There is a reason that the AS1698 approved helmets are not "thin" its called the penetration test and impact test requirements
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. good call
  5. Welcome to NR.

    Just a FYI. This is a Welcome Lounge and Birthday Greetings area. :p

    All good tho.
  6. take the foam and the lining out.
    or just get a bandana and sew an as standards label onto it.
  7. How about this:


    Will be cool in summers as well.
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  8. Are you a ****ing idiot?
  9. Or see below:

    Seriously, if you want a *light* full-face helmet, try the RHOK ones made by Takamii - one of the guys on the NSW Learners ride last Sunday had one; damn they're light!

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  10. BIG PLUS for RHOK, in Melb, last sat morn prac we had the opportunity to check one of these helmets out, light is an understatement and a great looking lid to boot!
  11. Yep confirmed! same loosers in chat forums as last time i used one! Good luck with the friend search guys, you hang in there tiger!

    Thanks to the guys that posted genuine responses.
  12. a certain irony in calling someone a loser, yet spelling it wrong.
    that kinda ****ed up your insult.
    do please try again so we can enjoy your further attemps.
  13. and i was telling you the truth man. that's how the rock apes get the low brow look. they sc**** out the insides of the helmet.
    unless you want to look like a mushroom head, you should do the same.
    you do want to be just like them, don't you.
  14. Sheesh, just let it go man.

    Hard to find non-shroomy helmets because of the tests for Aus and other countries accreditation.

    Visist as many shops and just keep on trying them on. I found the NEX ones are OK. I haven't got one though, spend much of my time in a full face at the moment.
  15. Try a Harley dealer. They have open lids, and usually about as trim as they can be.
  16. Excellent
  17. Try Nolan there some old ones around that did suit slimmer profile as well as THH have a half cut Harley style that may suit the noggin