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Looking for a summer jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by charlesflies, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. I know there's various bit and pieces about this here and there, don't tell me to search :)
    I'm after specific advice. I've got a dririder Nordic 4 jacket, which has been great so far. Very happy with it, and would recommend it. Done lots of 7AM commuting in fog and frost and drizzle (and some returns in the rain :( ), comfy. BUT, I can see on hot days it may be too much.
    Back in uni days I would have done without a jacket (as for the licence!), but now I'm more mortal.
    So, recommendations please for a hot weather jacket. I've seen a dririder "Climate Control Sports Vented" that seems ok, but black seems wrong (?too hot in the sun), and the metallic colurs look, well, of alternative sexuality :wink:

    So, advice gratefully received


  2. Apart from a leather jacket, which is still warm. I cannot without having sufficent matieral to protect you froma spill being cool. I can only think that having a leather jacket with say a shirt or tank top underneath as being the closest too cool and protected you will get.
  3. +1

    I would always go for a leather jacket with removable lining. They feel great look good and offer the best protection.

    The thing is that if you are looking at something with long sleeves, then it will get a little warm, but leather just breathes so well.
  4. If it's too hot to wear proper safety gear, then it's too hot for you to ride.
    I spent 8 hours riding on the hottest day in Melbourne last year with a peak temperature of 43º, wearing an Rjays Daytona leather jacket (minor ventilation), race leather/cf gloves (no ventilation), Draggin jeans, Thomas Cook boots and Shoei lid. Aside from having a CamelBak clone filled with ice that i was drinking from on a regular basis whilst riding and keeping the zip on the jacket a few inches down whilst not moving at top speed, i was fine. As long as you keep moving on a hot day you should be right.

    If on the other hand your riding inner city and stopped at traffic lights... then consider soaking your shirt in water then putting it on under your jacket. As it evapourates it'll keep you cool. Only problem with that one is you need to resoak your shirt every 20-30 minutes on a really hot day.
  5. Try the Joe Rocket range. They have some awesome girls summer jackets and I'm sure there are male versions with the same material.
  6. i went to portarlington past two weekends and getting stuck in the main street of geelong due to road works was a real killer. even the bike was over heating, i dont know if its normal with sports bikes but when i stop in traffic my temp rises and in a hot day the thermo fans kick in. (previous bike was a virago, no temp gauge, and the one before that was TZR250 which never over heated)
  7. Well if it's traffic work on a hot day then i'm not surprised the thermofan kicked in; it's when it doesn't kick in that you need to be worried. :wink: My big 'ol FZR1000 gets quite toasty on warmer days, hence my desire to keep moving above 60km/h.
    PS. Those TZR's rock! :grin:
  8. I can recommend the Motodry Summer jacket. Its light weight, vented where you need it and it also has armour where you need it. It comes witha removable liner as well but mine is lost.
    Mine is in the Black/Blue and it also has highlist features for night time, not sure how effective they are as I've never seen meself at night !
    The only issue I have is that no matter what jacket you wear (or I wear) it is always hotter when you are sitting at the light or not moving, I sometime ride with the front of the jacket open but not flapping about and it is quite cool then.
    Hope this helps.
  9. I had the impression that Dririder Dri-Mesh climate control will do the job?
  10. +1

    Mmmm nice warm jacket then:
    zip out thermal liner.
    waterproof light weight jacket:
    zip out water proof liner.
    full flow through mesh jacket, but still WITH protection in all the right protection.
  11. Thanks All..

    Yeah, the dririder looked good, but _black_ ? when you're trying to stay cool. But it seems to be a common mesh option, does black. What about traxion, can anybody comment? I noticed their ad, they've got a leather/mesh jacket.

  12. There are some vented leather jackets, which I'd probably be looking for. But as Koma has said, if you're moving, even a full leather jacket isn't as bad as people make out. It's worse driving in a car with no air-con, trust me! :p