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looking for a specific helmet in the Sydney area

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by clinks, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, just got my L's and am looking into buying some gear before I spend large on my first bike :]

    I'm looking for a specific helmet and was hoping you all could help me out if you've seen it.

    its the "HJC AC-12 Carbon"

    now i've been able to find the "AC-12 carbon vader" which is basically the carbon with some decals on it but thats not the one i want.. i would prefer it without all the other messy stuff on it

  2. Your best bet would be either to ring around shops in sydney or go back to the shop where you spotted the the AC12 carbon with graphics and ask them to order one in for you without the graphics.

    Personally i like the one with graphics more, its stands out and looks trick :wink:
  3. Hi clinks!

    Are you sure it was the AC-12 Carbon Vader and not the Vemar VSR carbon graphic? I know a dealer in Homebush (their name just slips my memory :shock: ) has a Vemar VSR carbon graphic.

    The reason why I ask is that the last time I spoke to McLeod's Accessories (the HJC distributor) they had no intention of bringing in the HJC AC-12 carbon, citing costs - which I think is total BS, as I got my lid from the US at half the price they were suggesting.
  4. i've definitely seen the ac-12 carbon vader at scotts down in kogarah

    but thanks for pointing the vemar out, i havent seen that one before so i'll look into it as an alternative.. looks abit on the pricey side though

    but you're right, the ac-12 carbon is actually cheaper than the vader version so i'm not sure why they're not bringing it in.
  5. Did Scotts have a price on the helmet? And an Australian Standards sticker? The reason why I ask is that they might have brought the helmets in themselves uncertified rather than go through McLeod's. When I spoke to McLeod's they said the carbon's would be too expensive (like AU$1000) to make it worthwhile - which I think is BS when you compare it to the other HJC's that get brought in.

    Oh! The Vemar VSR carbon retails for AU$1000! Overpriced in my opinion, as I own a normal tri-comp version of the VSR and I don't think it's the most crash hot helmet on the planet, so I certainly wouldn't shell out on the carbon version. The AC-12 carbon, on the other hand is an awesome helmet, and I'd certainly buy another one from the states!
  6. they're dirt cheap in the states (around $279USD i've seen them for) but the problem is they wont be australian complied.

    from memory scotts had the carbon vader at $435 or thereabouts, but i will go and check again to confirm later this afternoon.