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Looking for a SPECIAL weekend getaway that you can ride to ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Pics from our Mt Beauty Weekend

    Tam and I stayed in a place in Mt Beauty the weekend 5/6 August that was simply exquisite. I mean it was classy, private, extraordinarily appointed and finished. We had a weekend package that included 2 breakfasts and the Saturday night meal, including before and after dinner drinks and wine. It's a B&B run by a couple that live in Albury, although the house itself a large modern house that's only 3 years old.

    We were sent the seasonal menu some weeks before and asked to contact them with our Saturday dinner order approx 24 hrs prior in order to ensure availability and correct preparation of our meal. Tam ordered Scottish Roasted Spatchcock, I ordered Slow Cooked Single Malted Ringneck Pheasant (I mean, why the hell not ?). On the Friday morning as we were driving up the Falls Creek Rd, Kent the owner, contacted us and asked approx. what time we would be arriving that evening as he wanted to have the fire lit for us upon our arrival.

    When we did arrive we found a LARGE luxurious country house laid out in the style of a Scottish B&B where you have a separate dining room to your living area. We were greeted with a complimentary bottle of Fleur de Lys Champagne and a box of Guylian Chocolates. The Kitchen was stocked with every pot, pan, plate, and piece of cutlery you could think of, along with a large fridge and freezer with plenty inside. The floors were carpeted or ceramic tiles with under-floor heating throughout, very comfy. The Kitchen - Living room was large and roomy and sported a wonderful dining suite, hidden flat screen TV/DVD/VCR (that never got turned on ;) ) and a large bay window that looked out upon the mountains with a full view of Mt Bogong. They looked awesome in both the sunset and sunrise.

    Kent recommended a lovely little Italian place called "Roi's" in Mt B that I would recommend to anyone for a unique place to eat but with a huge blackboard menu and quality food and wines.

    Our Master bedroom was very elegant in Timber, Burgundy, Black and Gold. I particularly liked the wine glasses by each bedside table ;) There was also a Queen Anne reading chair and sideboard in the room. The Bathroom had a large shower and a Spa Bath that was difficult to reach the other end of, MMMMMMMM. Of course the floors were heated there as well and the large heat lamps in the ceiling were very nice.

    The house was laid out so that the left hand end of it was the owners office and I suspect had at least 1 bedroom and bathroom in it, when hosting guests the owners stay there, but if you didn't know that you wouldn't have ever heard or seen them. Guest privacy is very high on the agenda here. On Saturday morning, we were treated to bacon and eggs cooked in the Kitchen while we sat at the living room dining table and chatted with Kent. He also offered fresh plunger coffee and an array of teas. Toward the end of breakfast he offered Tam and I a "Digestive" which explained was a common thing to have with breakfast in parts of Eastern Europe due to the often heavier and perhaps fattier foods that are common for breakfast. I accepted a 'nip' this home made aperitif, WOW, it was like rocket fuel, but not offensive. Highly alcoholic but in fact did exactly what it was supposed to do, aid your digestion. I doubt it was more than about 15ml. Kent also gave us some of his home made marinated dates in a Czechoslovakian liqueur which I think was called something like "Strepjack" Interesting.

    Off we went to Falls for the day

    Upon our return we found the fire once again lit. We had let Kent know that we wanted dinner served around 7:30ish, so we had a lovely spa and enjoyed the Fleur de Lys and a wonderful Strong Cheddar from Horsham.

    Kent had been cooking for hours. Unfortunately Tam couldn't have the Spatchcock as Kent was not able to get them fresh and as he insists on only the best food, he declined, rang Tam during the day to apologise and recommended his Hungarian Goulash, which she sensibly accepted. My Pheasant was cooked for about 4½hrs and continuously drizzled with a Single Malt Scotch Whisky in accordance with his family recipe. Kent offered us with his compliments, much to my surprise a Port as a pre-dinner drink. This was a Port that he had brought back from France himself and he described it as "very rare, pure French Pinot Port". I have had a great number of Ports in my time, but this was sensational.

    We then sat down to an amazing dinner. Kent (as part of the package) recommended a local Gapsted Cabernet Franc to have with dinner, which he had decantered in the Reidel Wine Decanter. Our glassware was the Reidel Grand Cru glass, Reidel Shiraz glass, and some Stuart Crystal Hand Blown and Cut glasses. Drinking water out of the Stuart glasses was, well, exorbitant, but fantastic. Reidel and Stuart are the Rolls Royce of the world's quality glassware. Our cutlery was Stanley & Rodgers, our crockery was Wedgewood. The attention to detail and finery was breath taking.

    Following dinner we were served dessert and then left to enjoy the evening as we pleased. Tam had a luscious Crumble with Ice Cream. I had a Rich Chocolate Cake, smothered in cream and with raspberry coulis drizzled over it. Everything we ate that night was made by hand on the premises from scratch, with the exception of the Ice Cream. We relaxed on the Chesterfields by the fire, we took in this magnificent place and marvelled at sheer opulence that surrounded us.

    For Sunday breakfast we had "Italian Scrambled Eggs" that were very savoury to say the least. Again we had the marinated dates and, with yet more surprises, were served a lovely glass of the French Port. Amazing.

    During our stay there, Kent shared stories of his travels throughout the world, his skiing experiences and his raves about skiing the annual 11 metres of Powder they get in Slovenia, his night at the Bolshoi and travels through Russia etc. Now all that might sound pretentious and stuffy, but he was amazingly down to earth and totally not arrogant. He offered to give us contacts he has and places to stay with friends over in Slovenia if we ever decided to ski in that part of the world. A very tempting offer let me tell you !

    And so we left for Falls Creek and came the end of our most amazing weekend at Mt Beauty.

    Allow me to summarise what all this cost:

    2 nights accommodation in the Country House as a Scottish styled B&B
    Complimentary Champagne and Chocolates on arrival
    2 breakfasts and a gourmet Saturday night meal
    Pre and after dinner drinks
    A bottle of appropriately selected wine for your meal

    Total cost : $455

    that's per couple, not each !!!

    Guys, if you want to impress a lady, with something extremely special, then I can't recommend this highly enough. I would easily say that this place is worth coming to from just about any capital city in the country, it really is that good. I want to keep this little gem a secret, but if you want to know where it is and what it's called, contact me ......... we'll be back !

  2. PER COUPLE?????

    That's outrageous. Places in the Blue mountains charge that per person and you don't get as much for the money.

    Mrs RC and I were discussing a weekend getaway just last night. You just might have posted this at the right time. Thanks.
  3. That looks really good.

    Now to convince this damn girl to go out with me for dinner let alone a weekend :\