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Looking for a riding buddy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by D3athT0uch666, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Just wondering if there's anyone near the Woongarrah area that would be up for an occasional short ride and can teach me a few things about motorcycles. I'm new to riding hence the short rides for now

  2. I think your username might be scarying the locals away mate...... good luck
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  3. haha it's my gamertag, reference to World of Warcraft. Thanks mate
  4. gday d3ath...., I`me from Lake Munmorah , always keen for a ride and glad to pass on knowledge. Being a newby to netrider it seems I cant PM you, so send me a pm with your phone number if you want to organise a ride. Cheers, Rick.
  5. Anyone from St George/Newtown or nearby areas that wouldn't mind having an occasional ride? (nothing too hectic as I'm still a newbie and getting used to riding and traffic)

    Wouldn't mind learning few things and tap into others knowledge/experience.
  6. Good day. I'm in hurstville. Don't mind going for a ride every now and then if time permits. [emoji4]
  7. Hi im in glebe shoot me a msg when u want to go for a ride
  8. Hey mate. I PM'd you a while back not sure if you got it
  9. Hi mate, im a newby also im from Newcastle and also looking for a riding buddy, My mates in Sydney are to lazy to go for rides up here...