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VIC Looking For A Racing Rent!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by frankie22, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. hey guys i am new here,i have been suggested to sign up here by a guy who boughts some tires of my ex honda cbr 600.
    gotta say that is an awesome website! ;)
    as title,i am looking for a racing rent where i can rent a racing bike to spend a day in track...of course must be cheap,as i am a poor broke italian 23 years old here since just a few months (so i apologise if my english is not fluent :( )
    in my country i have been racing for 4 years,and now i am just missing it too much!
    thank you guys,and how we say in italy...... GAAAAAAAASSSSS! :)

  2. Salve Frankie.

    The main mobs that do track days (Phillip Island Ride Days and Champions) also have hire bikes. The excess is rather large. I don't know anyone who hires out track/race bikes commercially otherwise.

    Try ringing some recognised racing clubs like PMCC. Who knows, someone might give you a lap or two for free.
  3. One of the smaller sydney rental places have a track bike. I realise you're in Melbourne so maybe ring around and try your luck.
  4. Given that it's practically impossible to insure a bike for the track, it sounds like you'll be lucky to find anything cheap. As Rob says, you can hire bikes at Phillip Island and Eastern Creek but the excess is big. Sounds like you might have to start saving for your own :) .
  5. Yep good luck its not really attractive to give some one with no money and doesnt want to pay much a track bike to fang around on all day.
  6. ehy guys i am not asking you for you bikes! :D
    was just wondering if there is any professional rent, where i can insure the bike as well so if i crash i would be covered.
    thanks anyway :)
  7. champions are your best bet I'd say, but not cheap - $495 a day, $295 for a half day, or $99 for a session (15 mins). That doesn't include the cost of the day (normally around $160-odd) and the cost of a recreational one day license either (around $25-ish).

    with any hire bike, just make sure you don't drop it because it'll get real exxy real quickly. the most you pay is capped at $4,000.

    link here: http://championsridedays.com.au/portal/content/view/25/119/

    all depends how desperate you are to ride. hiring a bike and gear for a track day will cost you about $800 with Champions.
  8. $4000 excess, theres a guy on the KSRC forum selling his properly set up and competitive track bike for $3,500..........

    Id never rent a bike, the excess is just out of this world...........