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Looking for a new phone

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. So I am hoping for some collective wisdom from netrider. I'm looking for a new phone that will be on a Virgin plan and I particularly like the look of their 29 Big plan.

    • No more than 50 a month
    • I wont use any more credit than 30 a month
    • No LG, hate them.
    • Man use will be for calls & messages, music and some net use, not going crazy on apps.
    • hence, ease of use, a good media player and good browser are the main priorities. Don't want it to be laggy and preferable if I don't have to update firmware every second day for it to work, and so clearly am not interested in any of the operating system wars and arguments.
    • I see the viable options being an Iphone 3gs, the Galaxy range, Xperia range or the HTC phones.
    • Appreciate the battery lasting for at least 24 hours, 36 hours at least would be excellent

    If anyone has these phones and would care to comment on any of those points listed above, that would be excellent. Plentiful constructive feedback would be even better.
  2. From what you've said your priorities are the iPhone3 is good. Just remember it doesn't have expandable memory so you can't get a SD card to store more music. I've got a HTC desire and its great music wise, browser is very good plus it has expandable SD storage.
  3. I had the 3gs and now have the 4. If it is within budget I would definetely recommend the 4 over the 3gs because of the hd screen. You really can notice the difference.

    I think you can't go past iPhone for ease of use and it not lagging (compared to others I have used)

    Good luck on the battery life with any of the ones you mentioned.
  4. Everyone raves about the HTC phones. I have an iPhone4 for business, but its a shit in regards to call quality. My blackberry was a shitload better and would take it back in a heart beat. But apparently the other smart phones now have a heap of options/apps, and you aren't confined to iTunes to get them.
  5. I have a Samsung Galaxy S (now being used by my wife) and a Galaxy S II, the current king of the smartphones, currently being used by me.

    I've looked at lots of others, but I wouldn't waste my time with any others.
  6. what's so good about it?
  7. Dual-core processor, unbelievable speed

    4.3" screen, the first phone I've had where you could realistically surf the 'Net

    16gb RAM plus it will take up to a 32gb SD card for music, etc, storage

    and speaking of, great music player and terrific sound quality

    but I'm a self-confessed Samsung fanboi, so I am a bit biased :)
  8. come down here for a ride and I'll show it to you :)
  9. The Galaxy S II has been getting a pretty strong consensus in all the reviews I've read as being almost certainly the best Android phone, if not the best smartphone around at the moment.

    Cost comes into play, and I think there are getting to be some good deals now.

    I'm waiting for more owner opinions on the Nokia N9 (and plan pricing), which is taking forever to arrive, but people have been getting the first ones in Oz in the last week and generally rave about the build quality and simplicity, as have a few preview articles.
  10. I lost My HTC desire on the ride somewhere. I liked the ease of use and to text email on.
    Screen for a HD was very ordinary and useless outdoors.
    I have a galaxy 1 now while trying to decide on the Galaxy II or the Sensation.
    Hopefully something even better.
    The Galaxy seems to beat it in all tests and some by a fair way. Boot up and web surfing being the two biggest.
    I like the galaxy but wonder how many weeks I will have it for before I break it in my pocket while riding?
    The HTC Sensation is chunkier but feels solid. And I do like HTC.
    For speed and smarty bits I think the Samsung wins.
    For durability it could go either way because they are electronics after all.
  11. Whatever it is, make sure it's Android. It's an awesome OS and just keeps getting better.
    I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and it is fantastic.
    Obviously the large sexy screens on most touch screen phones will reduce your battery life.
    Check out http://www.cnet.com.au/mobilephones/
    There are heaps of reviews on all types of phones, I'm sure you will find something :)
  12. I have little to no interest in the OS arguments and masturbation.
    I've come to the conclusion that their reviews are about as reliable as any average 70's British Leyland.
  13. would love to but the vfr has gone on to new and greener pastures.
  14. You didn't keep the chain or rear preload adjuster c-spanners from the toolkit, by any chance? I'm missing both.
  15. Galaxy SII. A little bit more expensive but well worth it, and means not needing to carry around multiple devices all the time.
    Can be a little fiddly to get right and you may be disappointed with the initial battery life but they do settle down (especially once you get over the fiddling with your new toy stage)
    Unlike the iShit series they are completely customisable and you dont need to wait for your provider to come out with official updates if youre willing to fiddle around a bit (or get your resident nerdy ranga to get it going)
    I would also highly recommend switching to Telstra for the best coverage and network speed. True their customer service leaves a little to be desired but their network craps all over everything else in the country from a great height.
  16. To add to what has been previously said -
    GSII has a full high definition camera and takes some stunning pics (have a look at some of my pics as an example)
    Google Maps/Navigation (Navigation only available on Android phones, and quite simply the BEST nav software, completely free, and regularly updated)
    Does come with Garmin Navigon as well (Worth $90) although i dont use it which is full GPS software including all the usual bells and whistles.
    Customisable with various tweaks to scale back processor power to increase battery life
    Live wallpapers maaan.... theyre great
    Can be tracked remotely if lost/stolen through the Samsung website
    Can be locked/wiped/unlocked through the same
    Unlike iPhones you can use widgets to get pretty much all your info straight to your screen without having to go into programs all the time.
    Easy (and within warranty) to Root (Jailbreak)
    GORILLA GLASS I cant emphasis enough how good this stuff is, especially if you have a nasty habit of putting your keys and phone in the same pocket, you will only get very small barely visible scratches compared to massive scratch marks and discoloration all over your screen, and cleanable by rubbing against your shirt.
    32 gb (i think... cant quite remember) internal memory, with a microSD slot to expand that.
    Kitten friendly.

    It is without a single shadow of a doubt the king of smartphones at the moment and will be for quite some time. Just for the love of god dont let kids play with it or set your screen unlock to the stupid pattern unlock function. Keep it as the good ol' number password.
  17. Is that a joke?
  18. Just get yourself a wife/girlfriend, and you will end up with heaps of hardly used phones to choose from. And shoes, if you're into that sort of thing. And while I'm thinking about it, handbags as well. For carrying your phone around in. So they tell me.
  19. My phone contract will be ending soon and i'll probably upgrade my phone too. I have a ipone 3gs atm with vodaphone. Will be changing over to Telstra because i'm sick of vodacrap and their lousy coverage.

    I haven't really done any research into what's out there at the moment because my contact ends in December (i think). Having said that, i don't think i'll get another iPhone. They were great when they first came out because they were leagues ahead of anything else at the time. Now everyone else has caught up / exceeded apple. Plus i hate itunes and find the iPhone very restrictive (have to connect it to your PC to do pretty much anything to it).

    btw i don't think anyone has mentioned anything about the new iPhone 4s. Got an email from vodafone trying to get me to upgrade my phone and get suckered into staying with them for another 24 months. No thanks bud :jerk: