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Looking for a new (1st) bike....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by finky10, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Hi all....

    just recently plucked up the courage to go for the L's...
    Happy to say that I passed with flying colours.

    Rider Bros out at Calder Park was the place, very helpful staff etc.


    Looking to buy a 1st bike, but not really sure where to start.
    I've been looking in the trading post, but thats about it.

    can anyone out there recommend some other publications that are choc-full of bikes for sale.

    Keeping in mind, i'm from vic

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  4. G'day finky10

    welcome to netriders, enjoy your stay (you may checkout anytime, but you may never leave :twisted: .... eagles, great song, great band!)

    Look here first https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=used_bike_guide
    There are many many wonderful links on that page to places that sell second hand bikes.

  5. bikesales.com.au -> same as carsales... except for bikes!

    I found it useless being in SA, but there seem to be a HEAP of vic bikes there
  6. thanks guys,

    all good recomendations!

    hopefully i'll be able to get some time to look at these bikes, then buy one!

    ....and finally be on the road!
  7. yay congratulations finky. Welcome to a lifestyle of excitement as well as prayer. Just remember to set aside at least 1k to buy good riding gear. Very essential. The places I checked for bikes were:

    In the end, I bought my bike from the trading post. Anyways good luck, and see you on the rides.
  8. just on the riding gear.....

    everyone says to put aside "about 1k"
    but what should the split be?? 300 on helmet? 300 on jacket ?? etc

    i know the question is like, "how long is a piece of string?"
    but some rough estimates would be good.

    Also, i know like anything, prices can vary from brand to brand, but what should i be looking to spend for some good quality gear?

  9. Don't forget pants, boots and gloves. Try for second hand if you can, cept for your helmet.
  10. Helmet - I wouldn't spend less than $200. Probably allow $300.

    Jacket - $250-$300 should be alright

    Pants - A pair of Draggins is $200

    Boots - Another $200 on Boots

    Gloves - $80-$100

    Wet weathers - $50 from camping store

    That all adds up to just over a grand.

    Buy this stuff (or at least budget for it) first. It's no good spending all your dosh on bike and then getting around in shit/no gear. You'll only hurt yourself.
  11. Ya good question finky. Actually 1k is a conservative amount of money to set aside. Preferably have 1.3k. Anyways with the helmet is probably the most expensive piece of gear. Spend the amount of money for which you value your head, and make sure the helmet fits comfortably.

    Once the helmet is done, then the rest is your decision. Just look for the jacket that you like the most, make sure it has all the required safety features, ie shoulder, elbow and back protection.

    The gloves, make sure it has the knuckle armour and it fits well. Keep in mind that winter is coming up so buy waterproof winter ones.

    Leathers Pants, Dryriders or Draggin Jeans, your choice :).

    And finally a pair of leather boots.

    So really, its all your choice. Just ask salespeople to show you the products. Peter Stevens is a good place to browse. Unfortunately there's some bad rep about them, and I tend to agree about the Elizabeth St Peter Stevens.

    If you can, go to Dandenong Peter Stevens, and look for this partially bald guy named Terry. He's a really good salesperson and will help out with what gear is suited for what conditions and would also give discounts to new riders. He works over in the clothing section section of the store.
  12. i've been toying with the idea of buying bike and gear from a dealer... therefore hopefully get some discount.


    arent all helmets supposed to comply with the australian safety standards anyways? so the money u spend on a lid would be more for comfort etc than actual safety. yes/no?
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  14. Finky,

    If you're looking at a new bike, it's hard to go past the GPX250 [fully faired down market sports bike] from kwaka. For under $6k you get an extremely rider friendly bike that gives you a gentle learning curve. It has enough power to get you into some trouble, but it is less likely to bite you [a low experience learner] than say a 2nd hand import sports 250 like a CBRR or ZX2R.

    The GPX250 is very underated. Never fear, the GPX will get you moving well enough - it loves to be in the high rev range! And in my case, it kept up with almost everyone else in the slow group at PI through the corners!

    If you want more comfort, the ZZR250 for another grand more will see you well.

    Other good first learner bikes in Victoria include the Across [no longer imported by Suzuki but a big looking faired small bike], the Honda VTR250 naked bike, or better yet, a Honda SPADA [same bike, better appointed, but earlier model], or the yamaha Virago or Hyosung Comet if a cruiser is more your preference.

    If you're desperate, a Honda CB250 is an almost bullet proof first ride, but has no class in the bike snobbery pecking order. Sorry to CB250 owners!

    There are plenty of all these bikes in the 2nd hand market.

    Alternatively, if you're willing to wade into the shark pond, there are two big 250 specialists in Melbourne, one in Sth Melbourne [forgot their name] and Sumoto in North Melbourne. They mostly have grey imports, but large selections with learner package deals for cheap gear.

    Alternatively, check out the dealer shops, like those on Elizabeth street and talk to everyone before you decide what to do.

    Shops are reluctant to let newbies do test rides - there's no work around unfortunately... unless they get to know your face.

    Read as much as you can, especially tips on buying 2nd hand bikes.

    Gooooood luck :)

  15. You're right. Even though all helmets comply to a standard, Oils aint oils. The australian standard is pretty much only about meeting a minimum impact resistance. You can get this from a fibreglass shell, or much better resistance from a triple composite carbon fibre reinforced shell.

    With helmets, to a large degree you get what you pay for. I recently had an off at some 100km/h. I think the extra comfort padding and thicker styrofoam shell [read crumple zones] that came standard in my now rooted Xlite helmet reduced my concussion from seriously brain mashing to just plain heavy.

    If you want the best features for a few less dollars, get the plain version as opposed to the graphic heavy version.



  16. Good idea on the discount thing, try to wangle 15% off retail of everything, if u can.

    And yes, all helmets sold new comply. Some will always say it's by how much they exceed the recommended safety levels that makes one helmet better than another. This is most certainly true, and worth considering.

    When it comes down to it tho, it's really about the shape of your head. You need to try them on - get a tight fitting one, and wander around the shop for a bit with it on your head. I wear a KBC, because it seemed most comfortable. I tried a Nolan, and scored a headache in about 20 seconds! :p

    So buy one that suits the head! The dearer ones sometimes last a little longer too - in terms of the durability of the materials used. Keep that in mind, but also keep in mind that helmets need to be replaced every 2-3 years... probably every year if riding daily.
  17. Good answer robsalvv, except the comet is a sports bike, the aquila is the cruiser, and if your into cruisers, a very nice looking one.

    The comet is around 5,5k plus on road brand new, not bad for a decent looking 250 V twin

    I ended up buying a bike from the same place I got the gear, didn't plan it that way tho, but yep, you can get a better deal that way.

    Very important to get a helmet that fits your head, you may find some helmets just aren't comfortable. Also, remember that helmet "padding" "settles" after a while, so a snug fit may well be loose after 8-12 months.

    A good dealer will explain all this, if they don't I'd be suspicious. They might be after the sale and not caring too much about you.

    I might stick my neck out and say that the motodry/dririder type fabric jacket with zip out cold weather liner might be a good first jacket.
    Full armour, good wet weather protection, and not too hot on sunny days round the $300 plus mark. Leather might be a bummer in the wet.

    But it's all personal choice, get the best you can afford. I agree, gear first, then bike, that way if you see a bike you like, you can road test it straight away.

  18. *Rob nods to Iffracem*. Taa mate... I'm happily standing corrected :)
  19. I can be a picky bugger at times :D

  20. quick note to finky cars go brooooooooom brooooooooooom but bikes go neeeeeeeeeea neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea :LOL: :p :wink:

    and get a cb250f

    (honda hornet)