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Looking for a naked bike 600cc plus

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ride4fun, May 14, 2016.

  1. I'm looking for a naked bike not more than 5 yrs old, not more than 25000km & I have a budget of $8k. Any ideas of what bike I should get ?

  2. You should be able to get a near new or unregistered new (ie unsold stock from previous years so warranty hasn't started yet) for around 8k

    Yamaha XJ6-N or Kawasaki ER6-N (naked ninja) both come in learner legal versions - both gorgeous bikes

    I was at bike biz a couple months back and they had an unregistered new 2014 XJ for about 8K

    Hope that helps
  3. Are you a beginner, fully licensed????? Bit more info will help
  4. I got full licence and been riding for 4 years. I consider myself as intermediate rider... currently I have a cbr1000 but I would like to get something that is more comfortable to ride even if I have to give up a bit of power.
  5. Thanks Scath,

    I have been looking at the yamaha mt 07 & mt 09. I don't know people that had them so I cannot get a test ride and the reviews I seen on various websites are mixed. What do you think ?
  6. Id look at a 2010+ Z1000 or FZ1N. Might stretch $8k but that depends on your negotiation skills.
  7. Love your username, open to so many interpretations!

    For me a big naked bike says Kawasaki: the 750 is a great bike, but it's nearly as heavy as the 1,000...
  8. If you take a cbr1000 and remove the fairings, does that qualify as a naked?........
  9. Yes, but its still has crouch race mode ergos
  11. Haha.. i know I'm gonna get a few comments on the username...
    In regards to the bike I prefer something light but then I as long as it's comfortable to ride imy pretty flexible. Did u have a kawasaki yourself ?
  12. Suzi SV650 is meeeean, that little v twin sounds beastly and has torque for days. So much fun. Should be sub 8k second hand...
  13. No I'm a Honda VFR man! If you want mid-range naked but not too heavy you're probably looking at Italian, but then that's probably beyond your budget....
  14. Anyone can tell me a bit more about the yamaha mt 07 and 09 from personal riding experience?
  15. ooooohhhhhhhhh......I love Italian..........
  16. I think BitSarBitSar has a blog somewhere where he describes his MT09 experience in detail
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  17. You can get a 2014 MT-07 for around $8k I recon. Great bike, good torque. It's 655cc(LAMS), its naked and looks awesome ( I might be biased though)!
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  18. Street Triple.
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