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looking for a muffler

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by troy, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. hi guys/gals
    im new here and would like to say hi to everyone here
    i have been tryin to look for a bike forum for a while now and somehow i stumled accross this site
    and imagine my smile when i found this site

    now back to my question
    im looking for a muffler for my GSX R K4 model
    i just got it on moday and have been taking my time riding it... i love the bike but i wish for more of a note

    does anyone here recommend a muffler that has a good note? and also the price
    would anyone know of a place they can recommend

    cheers everyone

    and great website
  2. Welcome, Troy, to the biggest little bike forum on the 'Net. I hope you stay around and learn AND contribute. You probably could tell us how old you are and where you live too, (unless you work for ASIO, in which case you'd then have to kill us, I guess!)
  3. Which state you in??

    Yoshi sound ok. heard the micron on the gixxer as well and they sound good as well.

    Carbon and Stainless sound different as well.

    Depends if you want a new one or a used one which will determine price.
  4. oopps :oops:

    sorry guys im from melbourne, greensborough
    im 26

    dont mind second hand ones or new ones
    found a couple of nice ones arround
    anyone ever use a brand call "megacycle??" mufflers??

    cheers again
  5. yeah have a set on mine, although mine is only a 250, but it's bark is worse then it's bite........

    love them, they sound great, haven't had a bad comment yet about the noise yet :D
  6. I saw some megacycle mufflers on the bike yesterday and I thought they looked too close to the origional mufflers...

    I mean hey... if you are paying for an after market muffler... you want it to look after market right? hehe...

    A friend of mine has a GSXR-600K1 and she has a Yoshi RS3 chrome muffler on it... and it sounds hot...
  7. Check out the site, i have one on mine. Sounds great and good value for money.. The ZX12r on the site is actually my bike.. :D

  8. thanks again
    i think i will be going for the yoshi rs3
    i found one for under $500 yet the scary thing is these mufflers retails for neally $800ish
    just wondering is it possible to get fake yoshi as this is a great deal

    seen pics of its... its new....comes with the yoshi box, braket and all parts needed to intall
    has all instruction to installing it to the bike and is very very pretty

    whats ur idea