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Looking for a LAMS Weekend twisty bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Thedien, Feb 29, 2016.

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    Hi all, as the title suggests I'm looking for a new motorcycle (well, probably used actually, in terms of money).

    I'd like to be able go on a longish ride every other weekend on something that handles twistys and highway speeds with relative ease.

    I've had a VTR250 for the last year, which I rode about 10,000km on, including a lovely trip down the great ocean road, and another through the dandenong ranges to visit family.

    Unfortunately, I have to look for a new toy as it was stolen. I have about $5000 to spend on a new motorcycle.

    I'm 60kg and about 6'1"
    Quite the contortionist, I much prefer the seating position of sport bikes to tourers, however I'm going to keep an open mind.


    Thanks guys!

    - I do own the FZR 400, however that's not LAMS legal :/
  2. G'day ThedienThedien. Sorry to learn that your VTR 250 was stolen. With that budget in mind I typically vote for a ~5 year old Honda CB400 SF.

    They're typically $5,000-$6,000 with 20-30,000 kilometres and would be a nice LAMS upgrade from the VTR. All the best with your bike hunt.
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  3. Agree with XJ6NXJ6N cant go wrong with a CB400, although at 6'1', you would need to be the contortionist :)

    Not sure a MT07 is cheap enough yet.
  4. Ninja 650 rl
  5. According to Bikepoint, the FZR400 is LAMS approved.
  6. Unfortunately, it isn't on the LAMS list of the vicroads website.
  7. I am not on restrictions any more and ride a litre v twin most of the time now, but I can't bring myself to sell my cb400... That bike is hands down the most fun learned bike I've ridden. It will blow pretty much any other lams bike off the road save maybe an fz6r with a racer attached to the seat....
  8. Duke 390/RC390
  9. So far the CB400 seems to be the winner.
    What's the riding position like?
    How would it compare to, say an FZ6R, or a Ninja 650RL or some such in terms of power/riding position?

    Cheers guys

    Also, if you post a bike recommendation could you please also state why you feel it'd suit?

    Thank you!
  10. Look at this.....


    Now tell me you don't want one :D

    Seating position isn't as upright at you might think, I find it really comfortable but I'm a measly 174cm.
  11. That look absolutely fantastic!
    I'm 183-185ish, so the 10 cm might make a bit of a difference, I found I was quite upright on the 250 though, which was a bit of a downer, other than that it was fantastic.
  12. Mate I lived my wife's CB400 which we have just sold, but I did find the saddle height of 770mm quite low and I'm 5'9" - so you may be cramped up a little, although it's way more upright than super sports. It's a great bike but go sit on one to check the ergos.
  13. I'm 185cm - I find the Cb400 is fine for a weekend blast but long touring and motorways are a bit uncomfortable. Need regular breaks and a walk around after crouching up so much on it. If you're worried about the upright riding position I haven't seen anyone flip and rotate the handlebars but I reckon that could work without any cable/hose length issues... I've rolled mine forward a bit and it's pretty comfortable, but you'd get a much lower crouch if you disconnected everything and flipped and rotated the bars. Clip ons aren't too expensive if you were really excited about it.

    Seriously, ride a CB400, an mt07 would keep up, and an fz6r, but the vtec howl is something I will never, ever forget. I've got an 02 carby cb400 with a stock exhaust but drilled the baffle out, it's legit one of the best sounding lams bikes I've heard. Nobody ever talks about a 400cc motorbike howling, but the Honda cb400 is just a different beast... Even after riding a litre bike everywhere, that little 4 pot screamer still brings the biggest grin to my face. I don't want to sell it, I actually really enjoy holding onto her.
  14. On the cb400 though I rode a few times with someone on a Suzi drz400 and they'd generally beat me off the mark if that changes your mind... To this day I blame my own riding but who can say... I haven't ridden one but they look like a super fun bike. There's not many lams bikes that will get the front wheel up so easily but I reckon the drz400 is one of them...
  15. For 5k???

    There you go ThedienThedien , looks like StReAkErStReAkEr is prepared to sell you his bike for a bargain!!
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  16. Motorcycle Ergonomics This is a good one for an idea of riding position. Better yet go sit on them and see how it feels...