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Looking for a LAM's bike, NOT CBR!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Booki, May 12, 2009.

  1. Gday fellas, ive sold my cbr and looking to get back into the swing of things....

    But got a few questions on what bike to get...

    Once you go for your full licence (probationary or what ever its called) Is the LAM's/restrictions lifted? Or do you still have to ride those bikes? If so for how long?

    And Well what would you say would be a good bike for someone with intermediate level of riding and wants to get away from the old and battered CBR's?
  2. once you have finished your restrictions, LAMS will be lifted. this is irrelevant of your Ps. simply 12 months after you pass the licence test (not the Ls test) on the bike, and you will automatically finish restrictions.

    depends what bike you're looking for? faired or naked, twin or i4, any preferance? price range? and define 'intermediate skills'?

    if you've got the money to afford it, and you're confident you wont be crashing from noobness anytime soon, maybe an or an RVF400. or try a LAMS restricted bike of some sort, for example the SV650S LAMS. these you can have plenty of fun on even after restrictions, just by having them derestricted.

    plenty of options about, give us some more criteria, and people will be able to recommend a better bike.
  3. +1;
    Restrictions last for 12 months after you a motorcycle license of some kind, P-plates or 'restricted full license'. Learners permit is a permit and so doesn't count toward the 12 months. :)
  4. the drz 400 sm is awesome and very forgiving to learners, while reserving some challenges for the licensed rider.
  5. As per what the others have said except be wary that most of the LAMS bikes cannot be easily derestricted ie SV650s etc They are a dedicated LAMS bike. One obvious exception is the current carby Hyosung 650. Check with your dealer prior to purchase to avoid dissapointment later.

  6. how is the SV650S LAMS bike, a dedicated LAMS bike, and not easily de-restricted? if you checked it out, you'd know its just a re-programmed ECU. simply needs to be programmed again, to remove the electronic restrictions. do it at the dealers/mechanics. pretty easy, and you've got yourself a stock standard SV650S, not LAMS approved :cool:
  7. Once you're off your L's, it's a 12 month wait till you're unrestricted.

    But, as you're 19 (as posted in your profile), and may or may not have a car licence then: http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Licensing/GettingYourPs/MotorcycleProbationLicence.htm
  8. Well i don't want to spend more then $4-$5k to be honest, not including gear/onroads.

    Not really fussed about i4's or anything like that, long as it looks half decent (sporty style, so fairing would be a must)

    I checked out the RVF400's they look alright but some are quite expensive!

    I was thinking about getting a WR450F/250F but not sure yet, (I own a YZ250F) Then at least ill be killing two birds with one stone as i go trail riding.

    Blah im just confused
  9. The suzuki 400 sm's sound awesome with a good yoshi pipe. Someone near my work has one, just love the sound.

    A cheap full faired bike like zzr or gpx would probably be the go. Most of the larger capacity lams bikes are nakeds.
  10. cheers for the advice ajc, i started looking at the ZZR's, and noticed there are some made in 2000+?

    Jeeez with a engine that relaitivley new....you think they would give a old tired 1989 CBR250R a run for there money?

    How do these compare to the CBR's?

    They look a little more...well "boat" looking and ive heard stories of people scratching the pegs and all that sort of stuff....
  11. ZZR have different sort of engines. CBRs are inline 4. They are good if properly maintained. Not too hard too if you want to and have someone to show you how to.

    If you want a real lams sports bike, then you dont have much option. If you want any other style of bikes then you have more options. J

    inline 4 engines are bullet proof. The age of the engine does not matter. The condition and the level of maintenance matters more.

    What problems were you having with it?
  12. Mechanically there were small things, it would slip gears and a horrid crunching noise would happen when id switch from 1st to 2nd. Seems it was slipping into netural.

    The clutch felt a bit strange, it wouldn't grab until it was almost fully released.

    And the brake's had to much freeplay, couldn't adjust them how i liked.

    I liked the way it handled i must admit, fun bike but could do without the above...
  13. Sounded like it needed some work.
    possibily a couple hundred dollar worth of work by a good mechanic

    but anyway. its water under the bridge.
  14. old shape <-------

  15. You'll want to check that Robin.

    The LAM's SV650 is not easily re-programmed and, according to Suzuki, requires a new ECU. It then ceases to be a LAM's bike.

    When there are so many LAM's bikes that are not detuned versions of their full power donor bikes, why would you want to buy a SV650 LAM's?
  16. Yea it is, like it wouldn't have needed much. Guess it just frustrated me and i don't know any bike mechanics :(
  17. coincidentally i have one for sale ;)