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VIC Looking for a LAMs 250cc+

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Layzie, Jul 20, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm a new rider. Got my learners in October 2014 and my first bike was a Yamaha R15 which I had for about 2.5 months. Had to sell it as I need the money for a new cager.
    Now I've got a small amount funds to get another bike. Im planning to get as much practice as I can before i go for my full licence. My learners is going to expire in January 2016. So iv got about 5 - 6 months to go.
    As I am on a really tight budget I'm looking for a 250cc+ bike (LAMs approved of course). I'm looking to only spend about 1500-2000 with roadworthy and rego (hence the price range).
    I've been looking on bikesales and gumtree and had a few missed opportunities as i didn't have the money then. There was a gpx250 for about $1900 and also a spada for $2000 with rwc + rego.
    If you or if you know of anyone selling their bike, please let me know.

  2. facebook geelong car bike sale page had a late model 250 ninja for $2000
  3. Thanks foot69foot69 . Mate i actually don't have Facebook. Would you be able to post up the link or possibly a screen-shot of that page with all the details?
  4. Honestly, unless you found passing test for your L's difficult, why wait to sit your test? Do that first imo.
  5. It's been a while since I've last ridden. I would probably won't feel comfortable and ready unless I've had enough practice and experience before doing the test.
  6. It's not any harder than the L's test, and you passed that with even less riding under your belt.

    Before you book in for the test, ask if they run you through some drills for half an hour or so beforehand to get used to their bikes. You just need to corner left and right between two lines, and do the random emergency stop/swerve. You would have done that plenty of times in the L's training. Nerves is the only reason anyone could possibly fail after passing the L's test.
  7. I did the HART full day course, and most of that was practicing. At least 3 of the 12 people who were in my course said they hadn't ridden since they received their L's, but their 12 months (or whatever) was about to run out. Everyone passed.

    Up to you, it's a bit of money to spend if you fail. If you had trouble getting your L's you might have dramas, but otherwise I found this test to be a lot easier. Possibly in part due to me having more riding under my belt, but also I'm sure the parts of the test were a lot simpler, and the "fail conditions" were a lot more lax.

    Either way I'd try to get in before whatever changes are coming in September. I hear it's more "on road" testing, which isn't such a bad thing, but I'd imagine they will have some teething problems initially.. and change scares me.
  8. Yeah either way, my budget would still be the same if I get one now or after doing the test.
    I didn't have any problems getting my learners but i know that i need more practice with slow riding. But yeah just looking for a bike. Want one now! Loll
  9. When you say "full license" are you talking about "not L's" or "not restricted"

    If the former - get the bike, take the test, either order - doesn't matter.

    If the latter, which I suspect, and in which case - indulge me:
    1. You got your Learners
    2. You rode a R125 for ~2.5 months
    3. You sold it
    4. That was ~ 1 year ago
    5. You have no other riding experience
    6. You want to get your "open" license
    Is this the case?
  10. Im talking about "not L's". So in other words I will be going for my restricted licence (3 years restriction).
  11. Ok - thanks for the clarification.

    In that case - I wouldn't recommend you buy an old 250 gpx.
    No way it's going to last you throughout your restricted period.
  12. I didnt want to post this up in a new thread but I found a 1999 Honda Spada online. I'm trying to find more information about the specs of the bike but I cant seem to find anything on this particular build. From what I found they stopped making the Spada VT250s in 1989. Can anyone confirm? Cheers
  13. Yep, specs are all 89'. They only made them for a year or so. But you will get other year models due to private imports, but they are all built at the same time.
    As always, ignore km's (very unlikey any Spada has the true Km's on the tacho), go on condition alone.
  14. Easy to find out, it'll have the import plate stamped on it if it is.
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  15. So i took the Spada for a test ride and definitely huge difference in power compared to the R15.
    A few things though:
    - The rev meter isnt working. Is that easy to fix? The owner said sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn't.
    - The bike struggled to start a few times. When I pressed on the start switch it didn't want to start. The owner said she has to wait a few seconds before pressing the start switch for it to start.
    - The engine seems pretty loud on start up. Is it because of the choke?

    Any advice would be great

  16. Rev meter, if it works intermittently it is probably fixable, it will be a wiring connection issue probably. Could be internal circuit board in which case it may be more difficult and may require an expert to fix it.

    Starting, do you mean it failed to turn over, or it sounded slow Raarr Raar Raar rather than RaRaRa. If so battery possibly. Or was there no cranking sound at all, or did it sound Ok but not fire?

    Choke will cause it to rev higher, difficult to know if that was the issue, possibly leaky exhaust or exhaust baffles that have rusted and failed.
  17. I put the choke on, I pressed the switch but I didn't hold it for long, so it didn't start up. Tried pressing it again straight away and it didn't turn over. Waited 5-10 seconds and tried again and it started up.
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    Last edited: Jul 26, 2015
    Could be a symptom of a tired battery, there is no delay circuit AFAIK in the wiring so it must be that the voltage on the battery takes a while to recover. Maybe up for a new battery at some stage.

    It looks a clean bike, a few niggly issues but they don't sound too bad. You need to do a REVS check to see that it hasn't been written off or that it has finance still owed on it. For that you will need the VIN number.

    Another option to reduce your risk is that you can pay a mechnic to look at itl One of our members here streetmasterstreetmaster runs a mobile mechanic business and is a bit of a Spada fan having a few in his stable. You could pay huim to do a check for you.
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