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Looking for a Jap Tourer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bad juju, May 12, 2012.

  1. Euro ones are real nice but cost WAY too much to maintain and insure.
    So I am looking at GTR1400 or FJR1300 or ST1300 or VFR1200??

    So far:
    All bikes tried so far are sort of reasonably equivalent in price and comfort without any customization and aftermarket bits.

    ST1300 - I find this bike completely capable, reliable, practical & functional but totally soulless. There is nothing hineous but nothing outstanding either. (seat and bars OK - but not great)

    FJR1300 - More comfortable seat but the bar height is a little low nothing major, seems a bit more sporty than the ST1300 in the engine department and more torque than the GTR1400 at low (<3200) rpm.

    GTR1400 - Seat height seems taller than what it is - but not uncomfortably so. Seat would need alteration though - maybe even replacing as the squab tilts me forward and I seem to slide onto the tank, bars will need their angle altered slightly as well as raising slightly. Motor is laggy at low rpms but fantastic once over about 3500rpm. I think this is possibly my fav of the bunch. Not sure why the mirrors seem to provide a great view of the luggage no matter how they are adjusted??

    VFR1200 - not ridden yet

    Any owners like to give me a bit of a long term view on any of these bikes and any short comings they found after the honeymoon period has passed?

    Happy to hear of good experiences also.

  2. Try a ride on a Blackbird, similar to a VFR 1200 Only better,

    I have done 60,000 in 3 years, Hasnt missed a beat,

    Long rides is its Forte, Mile Muncher,

    And they are quite cheap these days,
  3. You've got a strange ring in there with the VFR. If you want a sports tourer, then I would recommend you check out the triumph sprint gt. Best bang for your buck in the sports tourer market at the moment - $15990 ride it out the door including panniers.

    As for the more sit up tourers, when I was looking I really liked the Kwaka above the others.
  4. If you get closer to the FJR as a winner, you can get bar risers, as per the police spec bike from Yamaha, raises the bars about an inch.