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looking for a helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MaxBiker, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy a second helmet. I have A KBC that I really like, but I need one with built in Drop down sun glasses. I'm on a budget of less than $500. but any thoughts are welcome. I do 95% highway, so the less noise the better.
    Thanks for your help and opinions.

  2. I recently ought the HJC IS-16 which has the drop down sun visor built in and the quick change visor, cost about $300. Happy with it so far, nice fit on my round head.
    Pin lock is the visor system.
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  3. I just bought a full face helmet with two extra tinted Visors for $95-00 fully approved with stamps,

    It was a B/D present for Heather, she said it was excellent with the tinted visor as she wears glasses, she came home last Wed, straight into the afternoon sun.

    I have no idea on the wind noise as I havent asked her,

    It was a tad more than buying her a new visor for her current helmet,

    It doesn't have the drop down sunglasses,

    Oz Bargain Mart on Ebay, they are in Sydney,

    Drop down sunglasses in Helmets,, AMX in Dorset road Bayswater have them,
  4. **** the drop down sunglass visor bullshit

    buy a helmet....then buy a tinted visor for it - far easier and more effective as i've found those drop down tinted visors are never tinted enough...
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  5. I actually like mine but driving into the late sun it's useless, as you say not enough tint. It's nice on a hot day in the traffic, flick the visor up but still have the sunglass bit happening. It's not the be all and end all but one option to look at.
  6. I can understand you thinking it is crap, but I leave work when the sun is down, and by the time I'm half way home, the sun is directly in front of me, so, instead of stopping to swap out visors, or putting on my sunglasses, the best option is to have the built in ones i can put up or down while still moving.
  7. didnt takamii develop a visor that changed to tinted under sunlight?
  8. i used to do the same....i simply dealt with it when in areas with street lights and when there wasn't i simply rode with the visor up n my balaclava on.
  9. He is still working on it, just asked him in an E-mail, and they are specifically for the ROHK Helmets. And I can't keep my visor open at 100+ Kms/h
  10. Shark and Nolan are the only two brands I'm familiar with that have integrated tinted visors. Very different shapes though (only Nolan's fit me), so perhaps have a look at both and see if they have something that fits you. Should be able to get something from either brand for $500.
  11. No they aren't crap, they perform a function that suits some people, and there are more than 2 brands that have the feature.
  12. i have the same helmet, and the drop down visor is really handy. although as many have said the tint is not quite dark enough if you're used to wearing sunnies alot.

    isnt a very noisy lid, and after getting a shark tooth and playing music you cant hear wind at all even on low volume.
  13. Shoei have the drop down visors in the new NeoTec and the update for the XR-1100 (updated model is not on the market in Aus yet) too expensive for your needs but if you can stretch to it, maybe worth considering.
  14. The drop down sun visor on my Shark Vision R (approx $440) is pretty damn good when you forget to put on your sunglasses, don't knock it.

    Love my Shark, so comfortable, acceptable weight and of course, excellent vision.
  15. That Sharktooth is actually quite good. Had one in my Shark Vision R but it failed, they swapped it right away at Bizebiz Parramatta then the second one got a damaged cable (all these bluetooth headsets seem to have lightweight cables exposed to damage).

    Just replaced it with a Scala G9. Not as loud as the Sharktooth but has FM radio and intercom with my mates Scala units. A lot bulkier than the ergonmically excellent Sharktooth unit.

    Has the perfect bluetooth system for helmets been invented yet?
  16. RXT Duotech and RJays Tour Tech are flip ups @$199.95
  17. The shark S900 has the drop down visor too. Cheaper than the vision-R.
  18. Just an FYI....

    The BELL helmet range is about to be released onto the AU market this week 10/2012. It would be worth taking a look at as these are a world class helmet that are of superb design and styling. Plus they're US design that treat there motorcycling pretty much like AU in function, style and fit. Should be available at your LBS but they will definitely be at PSM late this week.


  19. Have a look at either the Zeus 2100B or the HJC FS-15

    one of these will be my next helmet this weekend

    Edit: just found out that the HJC FS-15 has now been discontinued and replaced by the
    HJC FS-15 AIR

    still within your budget