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Looking for a graphic artist

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. hi all,
    posting this everywhere in the hope to save money lol
    my band is looking for a graphic artists who is poficient with photoshop to help with our EP.

    if you've got the skills & are intersted, send me a PM!
  2. I have a friend who has just done one for us - hang 5 I'll post a pic, and can pass on details. She finalised it yesterday, sent it to the printer to be made up in a 3mx2m vinyl banner. It will arrive here at 4:30pm ready to be hung, and we're on stage at 7:30pm
  3. She came up with this design

  4. looks pretty sweet!
  5. ill do it, pretti sweet with pc and 3d graffics , what do i get?
  6. send me a PM to discuss your price, we'd like to see samples of your work & see whether it will suit our vision for the EP.
  7. Let me know if you don't get any joy. One of my students is a graphic artist.
  8. done check your pm
  9. I'm pretty sure everyone here is a graphic artist :LOL:

    I am :p
  10. *Window key* *run* "mspaint"

    *scribble* WalllaahhhH! :LOL:
  11. yes phizog though some people arnt that great at it :)
  12. :p

    I rulez teh 3d! :LOL:
  13. 3d is easy, though i draw on people
  14. moving 3d :p
  15. No, everyone here is a bullshit artist...
  16. thanks to everyone who sent links & contact details.
    we met with someone on sunday that we're really happy with & we think she'll be able to give us what we want for our debut ep.
    i'll be keeping the contact details people sent me though cause there are some incredibly talented people out there & i have no doubt we'll be getting in touch with some of you for our next project.