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Looking for a Good Suspension Specialist in Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by orekin, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Any good places in Sydney to get suspension mods done ? I'm looking for a suspension specialist rather than a general workshop.

    I did try searching for this but no luck, apologies if info is already around Netrider.
  2. Terry Hayes........... dont ask me where he is, just know I heard he was a guru.
    tinkers with the racers bikes.........
  3. Terry Hay’s Shock Treatment


    639 Greendale Rd
    NSW 2745

    Ph: 02 4773 9115
  4. Recomended,dirt and road,he does well
  5. Yep, he is the man.
  6. what a wealth of information we are :applause: this is the netrider i know :)

    edit// why dosnt 2 smilies work?
  7. Legends, thanks ! Looks like I'll be getting me some Shock Treatment !!
  8. It'll be money well spent, mate.
  9. Make sure you tell us about the results.
  10. Stewart Winton if you can pin him down - based in Vic but comes up to Syd for most of the track days. Ex Kawasaki Racing Suspension Tech, now looking after Wayne Maxwell in ASBK. Licensed Ohlins supplier if that's what you're looking for!

    Look up Stewart Winton Racing.
  11. holy crap, that's like in the middle of nowhere !

    I also am looking for a suspension specialist in Sydney but someone more local...
  12. Yeah, suspension guys always seem to like living in the sticks. Go figure!
  13. It takes me at the right time of day 50 mins to get to Terrys place from Cameray,M2 M7 M4,the reason he is there is the Motocross test track right on his Acreage,get there early enough and its usually a ride in ride out job,he has done both road and dirtbikes for me and am very satisfied,great value as well

  14. call him and ask when he will be at eastern creek...


    why wouldnt u ride out to his place, its a nice ride, isnt that why we have bikes?
  15. Some people just don't like to leave the lower north shore. :wink:
  16. Especially if it means crossing a bridge. Any bridge.
  17. then they should be banished to a scooter :)